Reef Express Catamaran MaintenanceI know many people will be happy to put the month of January behind them, what with the polar vortex sending waves of freezing temperatures throughout the country. For us at Fury, we’re happy to put it behind us because of all the hard work we put in at the yard this month. January has become our official month to spruce up our catamarans and with an ever expanding fleet, the work gets a little bigger every year.

Our crew was hard at work in the yard all month painting our boats. The Pacific Fury is  in the process of getting a pair of brand new John Deere engines. She should be back in the water by February 3.

So what does all of this yard work actually involve? Well, we pull our boats out of the water on a rotating basis. Depending on the size of the boat, we use a giant crane to lift them out of the water and into the yard on Stock Island. Sometimes, we have Coast Guard inspections and hull inspections. We make sure the props and rudders are looking good, we paint the hulls with a fresh coast of bottom paint, and we freshen up the paint job on the outside and inside of the boats. This usually involves sanding, priming and a lot of elbow grease!

Atlantic Fury Catamaran MaintenanceThis year, our newest parasail boats, Fury Flyer, Sky Walker and Sky High, got a  new paint job and are looking brand-spanking new! The oldest girl in our fleet, the Atlantic Fury was also painted from top to bottom. The Cruzan Cat, which runs our Island Adventure will be in the yard until February 3 and then she’ll be back in action, as well.

We have to thank our fearless leader Marius for all of his hard work at the yard, keeping us motivated and keeping all of the work on track. And, of course, he couldn’t have done it without the help of our amazing crew. He’d like to think Tall Tony, both Matts, Eric Turner, Kamil, Scotty, Riaan, Charlie, Juma, Bill, Chris, Jayde and  the big guns, Kerry and Phillippe. And also a big thank you to Andy Saunders for keeping the crew fed with his delicious food.

The majority of the hard work is behind us and I know everyone’s psyched to get back on the water. We’ll see you there!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021