People on a Fantasy Fest float in Key West

Fantasy Fest float from last year.

By Shayne Benowitz
Key West Fantasy Fest sneaks up on you like that! The month of October flew by and now all of a sudden it’s Friday afternoon, and the festivities at Goombay are ready to start! Fantasy Fest is a wild time of year in Key West and always a memorable one. It’s natural to reflect back on the year’s past and remember who you were with and what parties stood out! It’s hard to believe it was six years ago when I attended my first Fantasy Fest and won the Homemade Bikini contest (feels like ancient history and like only yesterday at the same time).

Other fond memories include: being in the parade and all the great parade parties at Stephen and JB’s place on Duval. The Fury crew loves Fogarty’s Red Party! My sister was in town for Fantasy Fest ’09 and we loved the inaugural TuTu Tuesday Party! The Locals Parade is a hoot, and Goombay Weekend is always a great time to see everyone in town on Petronia Street. With this year’s Aquatic-A-Frolic theme, I think our crew will come up with some creative costumes and I can’t wait!

How about a little highlight reel to gear up for the weeklong party? Here ya go!

Classic Goombay

Classic Goombay.

Two women posing with a number two at a party in Key West

TuTu Tuesday!

People having fun at the Red Party in Key West

Red Party fun!

Chad in a funny costume at the parade party in Key West

Chad sporting my favorite costume of all time at the parade party!

Women at a Halloween party

More parade party fun!

Alright, enough work, time to play! Off to Goombay! Hope to see you there!

Shayne is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz

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Last Updated 10/29/2021