by Shayne Benowitz

Dubz striking a pose on the Atlantic Fury.

Dubz striking a pose on the Atlantic Fury.

Keeping up with fashion in Key West is like nowhere else in the world. On a small island where we’re accustomed to eternal summer, we don’t take much notice to anything that doesn’t translate well on and off the water. At Fury, we have a few trendsetters shuffling along the docks, not to mention a Surf Shack at our check-in booth where you can scoop up the latest styles that these fashion-forward Fury mates rock. This is the first interview in a new semi-regular series “Fury Style File.” Our first subject is WJ, better known around town as “Dubz,” a Fury catamaran mate and skateboard designer. Read on to see how you can cop his funky rocker-meets-skater-punk style.

What are you wearing?

My hat’s a new Volcom from the Surf Expo in Orlando. The rash guard is Quiksilver from the Surf Shack. It has a hood and a bill, which is good for work because it keeps the jellyfish away from me and it has UV protection. The bill’s great because the sun doesn’t hit your eyes. My board shorts are Billabong, and the sandals are Quiksilver from the Surf Shack. I like them because they’re super retro and cool neon.

I’ve seen you sport a Quiksilver speedo at work. Why do you like that?

It makes me feel free! It gets the chicks. It makes the tips. And it makes me swim faster when I’m saving people. It’s aerodynamic, you know.

How would you describe your style?

It’s more of a rock, skate, and surf style. Hardcore.

Tell me about your skateboard company.

Dubz Skateboarding. I’ve been making concave long boards, plain skateboards, and Dubz Originals since 1998.

What makes one of your skateboards a Dubz Original?

They’re 100% Canadian Maple plywood. I cut them out by hand, shape them, and sand them like a surfboard so they’re aerodynamic. Then, I spray paint the base color and hand paint the design. All the boards are lacquered so they’re waterproof. All the art on the board is original.

What’s your favorite Dubz Original board?

The fishtail design is my favorite, just like the fishtail surfboard. I like painting skulls and Hawaiian scenes.

How can someone get their hands on a Dubz board?

I sell them at the Fury Surf Shack.

Why did you move to Key West?

To live in paradise and work on skateboards. No one drives in Key West, so I thought this would be a good town to get my start.

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer working on her debut novel. For more travel stories and a daily dose of what’s cool around the globe visit her Wanderlust Website at

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