Teams of sailors and their sporty sailboats out in the ocean

by Shayne Benowitz

The 2010 Key West Regatta gets underway tomorrow morning with its first race. Over the weekend, teams of sailors and their sporty sailboats filled the island’s marinas with rows of masts swaying in the breeze. The harbor served as a final training ground as their vessels tacked up and down the channel, spinnakers unfurled, throughout the afternoon.

This is North America’s premiere annual regatta and top sailors from all over the world are descending upon Key West to race in multiple divisions and classes. Amongst the competitors are Olympians, America’s Cup winners, and World Champions. Each day is jam-packed with sponsored races from morning to afternoon.

Harbor lined with racing yachts.

Harbor lined with racing yachts.

An impressive fleet of these racing yachts are lined up by our parasail fleet at the Margaritaville Marina, and the docks are bustling with sail teams. The morning is prep time as they affix different sails to their masts and roller furlers, and prepare their genoas and spinnakers for an afternoon of practice sessions.

It’s always a sight to see the competition aboard our catamarans as we sail reef bound past their course all week long. It also adds to the harbor’s gorgeous eye candy from land. Who knows? With a growing trimaran and catamaran division, maybe Fury will be competing next year!

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