Coral Reef Conservation Donations

Cory, now you see him.

Over Easter Weekend, we had more to do than Easter egg hunting and Ultimate Adventuring. On Saturday, we attended Ocean Fest at the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center to help raise money for Mote Marine Laboratories. It was a fun-filled day, and the Fury crew was out in full force, along with the bosses Scott and Marius.

Mote is a marine science lab dedicated to marine research, conservation, and education, with headquarters just up the road in Summerland Key. Their work is essential to the preservation and conservation of the snorkeling reef, and that’s a cause that’s clearly aligned with what we do everyday at Fury. On the heels of our recent Blue Star Operator status from NOAA recognizing our commitment to coral reef conservation, we’re also partnering with Mote. Our belief in of reef restoration is so strong that we’re donating a portion of every snorkel ticket sold to Mote’s efforts.

MOTE Marine Lab Coral Reef Conservation

Now you don’t.

“We are proud to support Mote’s Coral Reef Restoration Program,” said Scott. “It’s amazing to see the direct impact this program has made and is continuing to make on regenerating our precious reef system.”

In addition to this ongoing effort, we had a great time last weekend at Ocean Fest raising money by dunking notable members of our crew in a dunk tank for $3 donations. Our own Eliza got up there, and so did Cory of the Cory Heydon Band. This was an opportunity Scott wasn’t going to pass up as he threw a winning toss and dunked Cory!

We had a great time, as always, and we’re proud to be working with such important groups as NOAA and Mote in conserving the reef that we care for so dearly. We want to be able to share it with you for generations to come, so remember that when you snorkel with Fury, it’s in the name of reef conservation.

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Last Updated 10/29/2021