Fury Water Adventures cleaning Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach before the Fury Cleanup Crew.

Dear Spring Breakers,

This is an open letter to you from Fury Water Adventures and Key West. We love welcoming you to our island for the month of March for Spring Break madness. That’s why we run all kinds of amazing specials. We want as many of you to enjoy the water and the Key West lifestyle as possible. That’s why we’ve also been sharing with you the best Key West Spring Break party spots to visit day and night.

Spring Break Beach Cleanup

Smathers Beach after the Fury Cleanup Crew.

One of those spots is Smathers Beach, and it came to our attention that you’ve been leaving it covered in litter at the end of the day. The pictures we saw on Facebook from people in our community was appalling so our crew members headed to the beach after work with trash bags to clean up. Brittani, Christina, Lauren, Monty, Cameron, Dave, Morgan, and others spent a few afternoons last week getting Smathers looking the way we like it. Clean and pristine! We know there’s a couple of weeks of Spring Break left and we want you to enjoy our beautiful beaches but please leave the beaches the way you found them & Clean Up!


The Fury Crew

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Last Updated 10/29/2021