Vintage Key West Vacation Photo at Sunset

Brandy & Scott Stiepleman aboard Fury with Captain Chuck, circa 1997.

A few weeks ago, I started working on Fury’s Facebook Timeline by adding a photo of the original Caribbean Fury from 1993. The photo immediately captured the attention of our fans. I, personally, love finding pix of our boats, crew, and guests enjoying vintage Key West Vacations. The first comment came from Fury Fan Scott Stiepleman who wrote: “Hey Guys check out my profile pic. It’s on the Fury, but my wife & I cant remember the Captain’s name. Can you help us out?”

1996 Key West Vacation Wedding Photo

Captain Marius with groom Scott (right) and guest aboard the Wolter’s wedding charter in 1996.

Sure enough, when you clicked on Scott’s profile picture, there he was smiling with his wife Brandy at the helm of a Fury cat with none other than Captain Chuck Buck behind the wheel, circa 1997. Today, in 2012, Chuck Buck still drives the boats for us and Scott Stiepleman is still a fan! I think it’s so cool that sailing with Fury can create memories that last a lifetime. Scott told me that the Key West Vacation picture was taken just a few years before he and Brandy got married.

You might remember a few months earlier when I shared some vintage pix of our manager Captain Marius in 1996 when he was a catamaran mate. Scott and Lynn Wolter spotted him on the docks this May as they boarded the Ultimate Adventure. They had returned to Key West and Fury sixteen years after they were married aboard a Fury catamaran. They recognized Marius from their wedding photos. Talk about a happy Fury memory!

In the coming weeks, I plan to fill in Fury’s Facebook Timeline with more fun facts, important dates, and great pictures. We invite you all to stay tuned and reminisce with us, just like Scott and Brandy Stiepleman and Scott and Lynn Wolter already have!

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