Published Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Fury Catamaran’s Commotion on the Ocean Sunset Cruise will be rock ‘n’ rolling for three special nights in July with guest singer-songwriters Danny and Tim Carter.

Danny and Tim grew up in North Carolina and moved to Nashville, a place they call home now. The brothers are blood relations to the infamous “Carter Family” dynasty.

“We love to play in Key West because the people come to listen to the music,” Danny said.

The Carter Brothers Band plays the outdoor stage at the Hog July 21 – 27, playing the 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. gig and will be the special-guest band aboard the Fury Catamaran’s Commotion on the Ocean Sunset Sails on July 25, 26 & 27th. The Fury Catamaran sails out of the Ocean Key House at the Gulf end of Duval Street. Reservations are recommended, because the Commotion sail often sells out ahead of time. The brothers consider their writing and performing talents go in many directions.

While Tim was attending college in North Carolina, Danny was playing in a blues-rock band that performed in North and South Carolina. Danny likes to play the rock ‘n’ roll, blues and a bit of British rock, while Tim likes to add a little folk and blue grass to the mixture.

“Tim and Danny Carter have managed to stay true to their centuries old roots, while weaving new colors and images that appeal to any audience. Danny’s smoky voice and tasteful leads are perfectly paired with Timmy’s clear mountain singing and dazzling banjo licks. It’s no coincidence their name is Carter, as they are directly related to The First Family of country music. If you miss these boys, you are doing yourself a great disservice,” saidKey West musician Jeffrey Shenandoah.

As the brothers began, touring together they found their own sound, the same mixture of music that makes them so popular in Key West. Together they are the Carter Brothers, but when touring and playing the Hog’s late-night gig, they bring along their band and are the Carter Brothers Band.

“Our music is unique,” Tim added. “Folk music is growing in popularity and so are the banjo and mandolin and they fit into our style of music just fine, even our rock ‘n’ roll.”

The unique style the brothers talk about has made them a popular attraction in Ireland, where they attend many Irish music festivals. They said the banjo and mandolin fit in well with traditional Irish music.

“Superb songwriters on a level all their own…Stunningly precise musicianship performed with a seemingly effortless and totally joyful demeanor. The Carter Brothers are intense onstage without trying to be and the whole time they make you feel as though you’re sitting in their living room for your own private jam session. Brilliant! They’re the real deal folks,” wrote Dave McAdams, of the Dublin Times.

Another uniqueness about their music is their use of original instrumentals tunes on stage. Tim writes the music and Danny the lyrics to their original music.

“We tour a lot,” Danny said, “but Key West is the only place you can find us playing seven days straight. We wouldn’t do it anywhere else.”

Nashville Public Radio’s Dave Higgs said, “In a world rife with gifted musicians, Tim and Danny Carter not only stand alone, but manage to raise the bar for everyone in the process.”

The brothers said they also enjoy the many things the island offers, like time on the water and feel welcomed when they arrive. Playing theFury’s Commotion on the Ocean gig, they said, is icing on the cake.

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