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May 20, 2016
Things to Do in Key West in June

Summertime in the Keys is a beautiful thing! Though temperatures are definitely rising, humidity hasn’t maxed out quite yet and there’s still a light breeze to keep you comfortable. Fluffy clouds and clear water mean that prime boating season is … Continue reading

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Meet Our Key West Boat Tour Captains

Fury Adventures- Captain Chuck

Captain Chuck

My mom always said “Leave the place the same way you found it, or better” and that’s how I try to live my life—while I’m having a ball doing what I do, of course. I grew up in Sugarloaf Key which is just a dozen or so miles north of Key West. By the time I was 8 years old I was on a boat as often as I could be. Starting by cleaning fishing boats, then working on fishing boats, then driving fishing boats, you get the picture. These days you’ll find me Captain of Fury’s fantastic state-of-the-art Catamaran, working the Ultimate Adventure by day and Commotion on the Ocean at night. I get a real kick out of helping people from all over the world experience the most thrilling time of their lives, right here in Key West. You can tell by my huge grin that the stress of this job is just killing me. When I’m not sleeping, I’m on a boat. I also spend my vacations on the water—even if it’s frozen (I like snow boarding, too). The reality is; I spend more time on the water than I do off. So come with me, Captain Chuck and we’ll raise a raucous on the crystal blue together.



Fury Adventures- Captain Kerry

Captain Kerry

I’ve sailed the Glass Bottom Boat 12,000 times (probably more) over the last 19 years and as Captain, I invite you to join me as we witness the glorious living coral reef and its spectacular inhabitants.  I’ve been on the water most of my life—got my first boating license in 1972, worked on commercial boats and yachts and then landed in Key West for this remarkable adventure I call my life. I am a lucky man, because there’s nothing in this world I’d rather do, I truly love my job. Each sail aboard the Glass Bottom Boat is different, even though we travel to the same destination. Different people, different questions, different conversations—sometimes we have a celebrity or an infamous character who prefers not to be noticed. I’ve seen it all—but nothing compares to the thrill I got (and every passenger on board) when I spotted a whale shark swimming right up alongside of the boat. Happened only twice in the last 19 years so you can imagine how unusual that is. But every day is exciting, relaxing and beautiful when you’re coasting in the water on our magnificent Glass Bottom Catamaran.

Fury Adventures- Captain Marius

Captain Marius

Marius plays an integral role in Fury Water Adventures. Not only is he the senior parasail captain, having worked with Fury for over 13 years, but he is also the operations manager of Fury and of the new Fury Surf Shack. His love for the ocean developed at an early age in the coastal town of Port Edward, South Africa where he grew up surfing as much as possible. Marius' passion for board sports is manifested in the Surf Shack where surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, and skateboards are for sale along with a wide variety of apparel. Marius can be found out on the parasail boat or around the docks almost every day juggling his many responsibilities. When he is able to get away, it is usually on a surfing excursion to such exotic destinations as Fiji or Barbados. Marius has aligned Fury Water Adventures with the non-profit organization 1% For the Planet in which Fury donates 1% of its sales to environmental conservation. This way future generations will have the same opportunity that Marius has had to take advantage of the ocean and all of its recreational pleasures.

Fury Water Adventures- Captain Scotty

Captain Scotty

Scotty ended up in Key West in 2004 when an attempted sail to Cuba was cut short after the rudder of his boat broke somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Scotty has been in Key West and at Fury ever since and worked his way up from mate to parasail captain. Originally from Mount Vernon, Indiana, Scotty loves his life on the water in Key West and recently completed a course for scuba certification. He's incredibly enterprising and would be happy to clean your boat at the rate of $2 a foot. He has also taken up the hobby of refurbishing sailboats and flipping them for profit. He loves seeing all of the smiling faces come down the dock to board the parasail boat, especially the girls in bikinis and the guys in Speedos!

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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Westy

Captain Westy


Westy is from God's Country…Green Bay, Wisconsin where he grew up enjoying ice fishing in the winter and water skiing during the summer on the Great Lakes. He moved to Key West in 2004 where he began work as a mate at Fury. For the last two years, he has enjoyed driving the catamarans. Although it may seem like Westy is charting the same course out to the reef every day, he loves that in actuality conditions are always changing from the weather to the people that board the boat to the variety of marine life there is to see at the reef. He also loves listening to the sweet melodies of reggae music at the helm while sailing south for an afternoon of snorkeling. Westy is an avid stand-up paddle boarder who even competed in a 12-mile race around the island.

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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Charlie

Captain Charlie

Charlie has been in Key West since 1997 and driving the parasail boats at Fury for the last five years. Born in Beaumont, Texas, Charlie grew up in Fort Lauderdale. He enjoys his life on the water in Key West, and on his days off he is never happier than when he takes his own boat out for a full day of wakeboarding. He enjoys spending afternoons at the local skate park. Always at the cutting edge of board sports, Charlie has recently added kite boarding to his repertoire. You are guaranteed a safe flight with Charlie at the helm.

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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Brian

Captain Brian

Originally from Illinois, Brian has lived in Florida longer than anywhere else. He moved from the Tampa/Saint Petersburg-area to Key West in 1994. Shortly thereafter, he began driving the Pride of Key West, Fury's glass bottom boat. In his time on the water, Brian has seen some amazing things including a whale shark, a sunfish, a dolphin rescuing another dolphin, and nurse sharks swarming around a lobster trap searching for lunch. He enjoys coming to work and being surrounded by all the great people in Key West every day. Brian has also worked on a ferryboat out to the Dry Tortugas. He is an avid surfer and knows some great spots in Key West when the conditions are just right. He lived on his own sail boat at the anchorage and various marinas for over two years, but is happy with his new philosophy: work on the water, live on land.


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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Bill

Captain Bill

Bill has been enjoying the good life in Key West since 1998 when he moved here from New England with his wife, Irene. He began his work as a mate on Fury three years ago and now enjoys the fantastic, zen-like feeling of wind in the sails at the helm of Fury's catamarans as captain. An entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-ownership of Key West's only country bar, Cowboy Bill's on Duval Street, which features live music and a popular mechanical bull. The success of Cowboy Bill's led to the recent grand opening of sister bar, Cowboy Bill's Reloaded on Front Street. Hardworking Captain Bill looks forward to seeing you aboard a Fury catamaran by day and in the bull ring at Cowboy Bill's by night.

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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Bill

Captain Drew

Captain Drew joined the Fury Water Adventures family in 2005. An avid boater and fisherman, he spent his childhood on the water in Long Island. Since moving to Key West in 2002, his work at the helm is extensive, including yacht deliveries throughout the East Coat and the islands of the Caribbean. He finds his true passion taking passengers out to Key West's beautiful barrier reef, as well as sunset sailing aboard Fury's fleet of state-of-the-art catamarans.

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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Bill

Captain Shon

Shon was born in Texas. With his dad in the Coast Guard, he moved around a lot growing up. In 1999 they settled in Key West where he’s been ever since. Before Shon started working at Fury in 2008 he worked aboard various fishing boats. A true waterman, Shon spends as much time as he can on the water whether spear fishing, kite boarding, or surfing. He feels fortunate to work on the waters of Key West, a job that’s always fun. His dream is to live on a remote island with a beautiful woman and live off the land.
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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Bill

Captain Hans

Hans, the newest addition to the Fury crew, has been a parasail captain since 1987. In addition to Key West, he’s also spent six summers parasailing in North Carolina. Originally from Colorado, Hans has been a local here since age nine. A social butterfly, if he’s not out parasailing, he can be found at the pool or on Duval Street. If you’re on the boat with Hans, you’re in good hands with one of the most experienced captains in the industry.
Fury Water Adventures- Captain Bill

Captain Steve

Originally from Potomac, Maryland, Steve went to school at ECU in North Carolina, and in 1993 he moved to Key West. He’s been working on the water ever since and has enjoyed a long career as a catamaran captain. Fury was thrilled to welcome him to our team in 2007. The proud father of two boys, Noah and Henry, Steve enjoys the laid back lifestyle Key West affords him.
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Fury Water Adventures- Captain Bill

Captain Ryan

Originally from Upstate New York, Ryan attended East Carolina University before making Key West his home in 2001. He worked on many snorkeling and parasailing boats in Key West and joined Fury as a parasail captain in 2011. Ryan loves all the pretty colors he sees working on the water. Ever the comedian, he purports to hold the Guinness World Record in underwater basket weaving after weaving 14 baskets in one breath

Captain Steven

steve fourman
Steven’s career on the water is extensive. He’s worked as a vessel engineer, an underwater photographer, and as captain aboard the Key West Express Ferry from Key West to Fort Myers. As a commercial diver, he’s been to Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Palau, and the Caribbean. Steven also served as operations manager of a catamaran comapny before joining the Fury team in 2011. Originally from Darke County, Ohio, he’s lived in Key West since 2000. When it comes to working on the water, he’s drawn to nature and weather. He loves studying the way weather conditions have a constant effect on the sea, as well as the migratory patterns of the surrounding marine life. A family man, Steven’s been married for six years to his beautiful wife and they have a daughter together.

Captain Ron

Ron has lived in Key West since 1995 where he’s worked on catamarans in Key West for more than a decade. Prior to joining the Fury team in 2011, he also worked at the exclusive Little Palm Island where he entertained such celebrities as Christian Slater, Lance Bass, and Ian Somerhalder aboard snorkeling adventures. A native South Floridian, Ron grew up in the Fort Lauderdale area. Ron says the best part of working for Fury is meeting new passengers every day and sharing the water with them. In his free time, he enjoys sailing on his Hobie cat.

Captain Lisa

Lisa was captain of a dolphin watching boat for six years before joining the Fury crew in 2011. She prides herself in responsible viewing of dolphins so that they will continue to flourish in Key West when her son grows up. Originally from Texas, she worked on boats in Alaska and Mexico, and six years in the Virgin Islands before moving to Key West in 2005. She loves watching people’s spirited reactions to spotting dolphins in the wild and the excitement of first-time snorkelers aboard Fury’s catamarans. In her free time, she’s involved in lots of mommy & me classes with her baby boy including music class, swimming lessons, and even baby yoga!

Captain Tony

Tony is from Davenport, Iowa and moved to Key West in 2002 where he’s lived on and off ever since. He joined Fury’s crew in 2011 after being a captain on various snorkel and sunset sail catamarans in Key West. He loves that he can make a living working on the water and showing people the beautiful coral reef. Island life suits Tony. In his free time, he’s never happier than when he’s lying in a hammock with a good book. Here’s a fun fact about Tony: He thinks Bill Murray’s the funniest man alive!

Captain Anna

From an early age Anna was drawn to the water. Originally from Nova Scotia, she began swimming competitively at age seven and life guarding at age 16. She moved to Key West in 1997 and has spent the years working on many different snorkel boats. She's also been a kayak guide, and even did a stint at Tow Boat USA. She first started at Fury back in 2002, and rejoined the team in 2011. The best part about being a captain at Fury is that her office has a 360 degree view of the ocean. She especially enjoys sharing her love of the water with others.
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