Cory Heydon's 1000th performance

Cory Heydon Band & Friends.

By Shayne Benowitz

Earlier this fall, the Cory Heydon Band reached a monumental milestone- 1,000 Commotion on the Ocean performances and still going strong! We couldn’t let this occasion slip away without notice! In typical Fury fashion, we threw Cory a rockin’ shindig aboard the Caribbean Fury.

Ever the hard worker, Cory was the entertainment for his own party, along with longtime bandmates Tom & Terry. He also roped in some special guest musicians for the task: John Solinski, Chris Thomas, Jeep Couillett, Chris Cooke, and Eric Holt.

1000th Commotion on the Ocean

1,000 Commotions Celebration Party!

The party was strictly invite only, and the Caribbean set sail right before sunset with a boatload of Fury Key West VIP. The band performed Cory’s greatest hits including Crosby, Stills, & Nash’s “Southern Cross,” Sawyer Brown’s “Mission Temple Fireworks Stand,” and they even learned the Golden Girl’s Theme “Thank You For Being a Friend” for the special occasion.

It was a raucous party with Captain Chuck’s constant commentary from the helm and Cory’s colorful cast of characters performing for everyone. Scott Saunders even got in on the action with the tambourine, and his mother Helen didn’t disappoint when the request for “More cowbell!” came in.

It was truly a celebratory night, not unlike the Commotion on the Ocean every night of the week. If you’ve never experienced the Cory Heydon Band aboard the Fury, there’s really no excuse. It’s one of the best parties in town!

If you have, we’d love to hear your memories and see your pix! Check out our facebook and twitter pages. Also, we’ve got lots of Commotion videos up on our youtube channel. For exclusive videos from the 1,000 Party, just search “Cory Heydon’s 1000th Commotion” and at least 3 videos will pop up. Hope to see you out with us soon!

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