Fury Key West Captain JB Captain JB

Trips: Double Dip Snorkel Trip, Double Dip Snorkel Sunset Combo,

Originally from Tampa Bay, Captain JB visited a friend in Key West in 2001 and never left. He has been with Fury since 2004 and is Fury’s Catamaran Operations Manager. When he’s not in the office, you will find him on the Reef Express running his favorite trip, the Double Dip 2-Stop Reef Snorkel.

Captain JB’s mates like to joke that he has the Peter Pan syndrome – no matter what, he never ages and has somehow kept the Fountain of Youth a secret! On his days off, he enjoys spending time with his son Landon, teaching him and showing him the ways of the water.


Fury Key West Captain Scotty Captain Scotty

Trips: Key West Parasailing,

Scotty ended up in Key West in 2003 when an attempted sail to Cuba was cut short after the rudder of his boat broke somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Scotty has been in Key West and at Fury ever since and worked his way up from mate to parasail captain. Originally from Mount Vernon, Indiana, Scotty loves his life on the water in Key West and is a true outdoorsman who loves spearfishing and pulling his own crab traps in his spare time.


Key West Boat Captain Brian Captain Brian

Trips: Glass Bottom Boat, Glass Bottom Boat & Sunset Cruise,

Originally from Illinois, Brian has lived in Florida longer than anywhere else. He moved from the Tampa/Saint Petersburg-area to Key West in 1994. Shortly thereafter, he began driving the Pride of Key West, Fury’s glass bottom boat. In his time on the water, Brian has seen some amazing things including a whale shark, a sunfish, a dolphin rescuing another dolphin, and nurse sharks swarming around a lobster trap searching for lunch. He enjoys coming to work and being surrounded by all the great people in Key West every day. Brian has also worked on a ferryboat out to the Dry Tortugas. He is an avid surfer and knows some great spots in Key West when the conditions are just right. He lived on his own sail boat at the anchorage and various marinas for over two years, but is happy with his new philosophy: work on the water, live on land.


Fury Boat Captain Steve Captain Steve

Trips: Double Dip Snorkel Trip, Reef & Ritas Snorkeling Trip, Rum & Reggae Snorkel Sunset Combo,

Originally from Potomac, Maryland, Steve went to school at ECU in North Carolina, and in 1993 he moved to Key West. He’s been working on the water ever since and has enjoyed a long career as a catamaran captain. Fury was thrilled to welcome him to our team in 2007. The proud father of two boys, Noah and Henry, Steve enjoys the laid back lifestyle Key West affords him.


Fury Key West Captain Too Tall Tony Too Tall Tony

Tony AKA Too Tall Tony is originally from Posey, Indiana and has been with Fury since 2010. If you see Tony at the docks, you will understand how he got his nickname. He started working at Fury as a deckhand and has worked his way up to the Engineering Department. Tony, alongside Phillippe, are a huge spoke in the wheel here at Fury making sure our boats run daily. When enjoying a day off, Tony likes birding – watching and observing wildlife in their natural habitat.


Fury boat captain, Ron Captain Ron

Trips: Fury’s Ultimate Adventure H2.0, Commotion On The Ocean Sunset Cruise,

Ron has lived in Key West since 1995 where he’s worked on catamarans in Key West for more than a decade. Prior to joining the Fury team in 2011, he also worked at the exclusive Little Palm Island where he entertained such celebrities as Christian Slater, Lance Bass, and Ian Somerhalder aboard snorkeling adventures. A native South Floridian, Ron grew up in the Fort Lauderdale area. Ron says the best part of working for Fury is meeting new passengers every day and sharing the water with them. In his free time, he enjoys boating, fishing and lobstering. Ron’s also up for a new adventure – his last adventure was sailing to Cuba on a 16 ft. Hobie Cat in 12 foot seas!


Fury Key West Captain Bill Captain Bill

Trips: Fury’s Ultimate Adventure H2.0, Commotion On The Ocean Sunset Cruise, Fury’s Island Adventure Eco Tour,

Captain Bill has been a Key West resident for nearly 20 years. Originally hailing from New England, Captain Bill decided to leave the snow behind and make his favorite vacation destination his permanent home. He has since been with Fury since 2005. Amongst being a Fury Captain, Bill is also one of the founders of the Key West Rugby Club, a massage therapist and a former bar owner. His favorite trip is the Island Adventure because he loves introducing people to the  the secluded Florida Keys Back Country and its fragile mangrove eco system. When not on the rugby pitch, his favorite activity in the Keys is paddleboarding.


Key West Captain Carrie Captain Carrie

Trips: Glass Bottom Boat, Glass Bottom Boat & Sunset Cruise,

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Captain Carrie began working with Fury in 2012. Captain Carrie has always been dedicated to the Glass Bottom Boat, Pride of Key West. On her days off, she enjoys staying indoors and taking lots of naps!


Key West Boat Captain Lisa Captain Lisa

Trips: Dolphin Watch Eco Tour, Dolphin Watch Sunset Cruise Combo,

Lisa was captain of a dolphin watching boat for six years before joining the Fury crew in 2011. She prides herself in responsible viewing of dolphins so that they will continue to flourish in Key West when her son grows up. Originally from Texas, she worked on boats in Alaska and Mexico, and six years in the Virgin Islands before moving to Key West in 2005. She loves watching people’s spirited reactions to spotting dolphins in the wild and the excitement of first-time snorkelers aboard Fury’s catamarans. When she’s not driving boats, Lisa is spending time with her two beautiful children.


Fury Key West Captain Tony Captain Tony

Trips: Key West Parasailing,

Tony is an arm wrestling champion who hails from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Tony has been with Fury since 2013 and is a Captain within the parasail division. He loves parasailing Fury’s incredible customers. When he’s not on the water, Tony enjoys island time and BBQ’s at Scotty’s!


Key West Boat Captain Gabe Captain Gabe

Trips: Key West Parasailing,

Originally from New York City, Gabe moved to Key West because he always wanted to live on an island. He’s been working in the water sports industry for 20 years and has been with Fury since 2015. Gabe realized if he took a different path in life, he could be retired by now but he already feels like he’s on vacation every day! His pride and joy is his son, Dylan.


Fury Key West Captain Jude Captain Jude

Trips: Fury’s Island Adventure Eco Tour, Ultimate Express, Key West Sunset Cruise,

Originally from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Jude has been in Key West for 12 years and has been with Fury since 2017. His favorite part about working for Fury is having the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting people from all over the world! Like many of the other Fury folks, on his days off you can find him chilling in the cool air conditioning.


Fury Key West Captain Dan Captain Dan

Trips: Key West Parasailing,

Captain Dan comes to us from a small town called Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Dan is a parasail captain who began working at Fury in 2016. Dan loves coming to work everyday because he gets to work with his family. On his days off, he enjoys paddleboarding with his dogs Houser & Gretaor simply traveling to see his favorite band, Widespread Panic!


Additional Captains

Andy, Anna, Ryan, Stevie, SuzyJo, Wade, Willie, Zac, Matthew, Nicole, Zane, David, Amanda, Jesse, Alison, Charlie, Thomas, Tighe & Logan