By Shayne Benowitz

At Fury, we love our Cory Heydon Band. Cory, Tom, and Terry rock the boat six nights a week to often sold out crowds. Last week on Facebook, Fury friend Carolyn Guarini informed us that Cory and the boys would be performing their 1,000th gig aboard the Commotion, quite an accomplishment!

Many memories have been made aboard the Commotion. Every night, Cory gets the crowd on their feet as they lose their inhibitions dancing under the stars at sea. When people disembark, they often exclaim that they had the best time of their vacation with us! Of course, the Fury crew is at your service with all you can drink margaritas, beer, wine, and champagne, as well as a great appetizer spread. And don’t forget the mesmerizing sunset!

Cory Heydon playin for the 1,000th time in a Fury event

The inimitable Cory Heydon.

Everyone has a favorite Cory & The Band moment, and I know I’ve got a few favorite songs, including: “Georgia,” “Pinball Wizard,” and “Fat Bottom Girls.” We’d love to hear your favorite Commotion memories. Post them on our Facebook page or tweet about it! We always love getting fan pictures, too!

To celebrate, I’ve posted a new YouTube video featuring my favorite, “Georgia.” Feel free to search through the archives for more Commotion videos! Congrats to Cory on 1,000 Commotions. Here’s to 1,000 more!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer. For more travel stories and a daily dose of what’s cool around the globe visit her Wanderlust Website at

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Last Updated 08/09/2022