Image of People Parasailing while Dolphin Jumps Underneath

On the water, some moments are just too good to be true. A giant grey stingray with an eight foot wingspan swims underneath you at Cottrell. You spot a moray eel peeking its head out of the coral. A morning paddlebaord session next to a manatee.

These are the moments that keep you hooked on the life we lead down here in Key West. Mother Nature has a way of constantly surprising you and leaving you in awe. It’s one thing to experience these magical moments, but capturing them on camera is another story completely.

Have you ever tried to snap a picture of a dolphin or loggerhead turtle from the bow of one of our catamarans? It’s a hard shot to get! I’m grateful to our many Fury fans and crewmembers who are much better photographers than I am because we’ve been treated to many amazing dolphin pix over the years!

The most recent came from Captain Shon and Kaley on the parasail boats. When Shon showed me the pic of this dolphin flying above the water and our Fury parasail in the background, I couldn’t believe it! It was also a hit on Facebook and I think it broke another viral photo record for us with 412 likes, 31 shares, and 25 comments. Wow!

This is just one example of the wonders that await you on the water in Key West… and with Fury, of course! See you on the boats soon!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021