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Reef Express returning to port.

By Shayne Benowitz

With the expansion of our Fury fleet, we’ve created an entirely new trip that’s going to make it hard for you to decide how you snorkel with us. Our new Double Dip Snorkel Adventure gets you to the reef in express time allowing you for twice the amount of snorkeling!

The thing I’ve loved most about working for Fury is that some days, I get to go snorkeling at the reef three times: first on the morning snorkel trip, then on the afternoon Reef & Ritas snorkel trip, and finally aboard the Rum & Reggae snorkel/sunset combo package. To me, there’s no better feeling than diving into that crystal clear water and exploring what’s underneath. As a lifeguard, I’m happy to be the last one back on the boat!

A school of blue tang swimming alongside a parrotfish in Key West's reefs

A school of blue tang swimming alongside a parrotfish.

If you’ve been snorkeling with us before, you’re accustomed to our beautiful 65′ catamarans with plenty of room to spread out and our leisurely sail out to the reef. With the new Reef Express catamaran for the Double Dip, we treat you to an entirely different experience. This 52′ cat is one of the fastest in our fleet. She’ll get you out to the reef in half the time, which means twice the amount of snorkeling and we’ll make not one, but two stops along the reef!

View of the Sand Key Lighthouse in Key West

Sand Key Lighthouse.

Our most popular snorkeling destinations are the Sand Key Lighthouse, Rock Key, and Eastern Dry Rocks. Each spot offers something slightly different whether it’s an amazing outcropping of brain coral, a large disc from an old shipwreck, or dramatic coral canyons. Our expert Fury captains know the best places to take you!

For our active and adventurous guests, the choice of the Double Dip may be a no-brainer! Twice the amount of snorkel time, twice the amount of reef! Others might think that after an hour of snorkeling, it’s time to kick back with a cold beer and find a spot on the upper deck in the sun.

Well, we’re proud to offer both options at the same price. Both are three hour trips and both depart three times daily. Double Dip or the Classic Snorkel trip? The choice is yours, we’re just glad you choose Fury!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz.

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Last Updated 10/29/2021