Magazine page with Fury catamaran on the ocean

Fury’s Spread in the Florida Insider Magazine.

For those of you who read the Fury Girl Blog regularly, you already know that 2011 was a huge year of growth for Fury with the addition of our Island Adventure, Dolphin Watch and Snorkel Adventure, Double Dip Snorkel Trip, and jet ski tours. What you may not know is that it was also a busy year for me. I made the push in my writing career to get more articles published in various magazines, websites, and blogs all over! It was a good year and I’m excited to see what 2012 will hold.

Fury Girl's article + picture of the Dolphin Cat.

Fury Girl’s article, plus picture of the Dolphin Cat.

Not surprisingly, some of my favorite things to write about are boating and traveling to Florida. Recently, I’ve had a couple of big articles on those very topics published in two of my favorite publications. If you play with us on Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen my feature in VISIT FLORIDA’s Florida Insider magazine, “6 Spectacular Ways To Test The Water.” It basically gives you six different ways to go boating all over the state from parasailing to Everglades airboat tours to yacht private charters to sailing on schooners. Of course, I recommended a Key West Snorkeling trip to our beautiful reef aboard Fury.

Well, the magazine published in April and one of our buddies on Twitter Rori Paul (@roritravel), who is an awesome Florida blogger,  gave us the heads up. It turns out they used a gorgeous picture of our catamaran sailing to the reef in a 2-page spread in the front of the book! They also used a picture of our Dolphin Cat to run with the article. It just looks stunning and I was so excited to see Fury everywhere! I’m also featured as one of twelve Florida insiders with expertise in boating. I’ve written a few other articles for VISIT FLORIDA and you can find it all on their website.

For any fans who happen to be sailing enthusiasts, I’ve got a huge spread in the May issue of Blue Water Sailing magazine. I’ve written a handful of articles for Blue Water over the course of the year including a feature on Fury that was so much fun to research and write. Most recently, they sent me island hopping in the Bahamas’ Out Islands for a travel piece for them. Talk about a dream job! That article will be out later this year.

Fury Girl in foul weather gear for Blue Water Sailing Magazine.

Fury Girl in foul weather gear for Blue Water Sailing Magazine.

This month’s theme is the Well-Dressed Cruiser and my feature tells you about all the gear you need to head out on the water and stay safe, comfortable, and dry in any conditions on your Key West Vacation. Of course, I’m accustomed to wearing my bikini, my Fury uniform, and packing the foul weather jacket that Fury Santa gives us every year, so I got to go explore the giant West Marine in Fort Lauderdale and learn about the latest and greatest in cruising wear. There’s some really cool stuff out there! You can find the magazine in Barnes & Nobles and West Marines across the country.

It’s been really fun to see where my passion for the water and Florida can take me with my writing. We live a beautiful here in Key West and I love to share it with you all on board our boats, through my writing, and by chatting with you on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to see you down here soon and stay in touch!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz and email her at

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