by Shayne Benowitz

Ashley, Becky, Shayne, and Jill outside The Good Life.

Ashley, Becky, Shayne, and Jill outside The Good Life.


I’ve always thought Madonna and Sheryl Crow had it right. “Girls just wanna have fun!” And of course, “All I wanna do is have some fun. I’ve got a feeling I’m not the only one.” This is certainly true for the girls of Fury. We spend our working day surrounded by the Fury boys who vastly outnumber us. For the most part, it’s lots of fun. But there are definitely times when we need a little break. Lately, we’ve been embarking on semi-regular girls’ nights out.

We lose the red board shorts, dab on a little make up, and hit the town. So what’s our idea of fun? Well, for the first official late summer girl’s night out, I invited Ashley, Jill, and Becky over to my place for a little pre-dinner cava. When we hang with the boys, it’s all beer all the time, but with the girls we pop the bubbly!

The Good Life

The Good Life


We headed over to The Good Life for dinner, one of Key West’s newer restaurants that none of us had tried. When we arrived, we saw that they had a summer special with 50% off bottles of wine and $5 starters. The night just got a little more fun! The location is slightly off the beaten path in an unassuming cottage on the corner of Packer and Virginia. The interior was kitsch and cute, and we grabbed a cozy table.

Jill selected a tasty pinot grigio and we sampled crispy shrimp egg rolls and tomato basil bruschetta. Another must try starter is the lobster mac & cheese. It’s not priced on the specials menu, but it’s definitely worth it. The cuisine is a gourmet fusion of American, Caribbean, and Latin flavors. Amongst the entrée standouts was Becky’s lemon piccata snapper. The food was great, and of course, we were never at a loss for conversation. Before too long it was time to order up a second bottle of wine and peruse the dessert menu. Yes, when Fury Girls go out, they go all out! We opted for the ridiculously indulgent homemade doughnut with ice cream and caramel espresso glaze.

Thoroughly stuffed at this point, we paid the bill, which was a steal for the amount of food and wine we ordered. We weren’t quite ready for the night to be over, so we headed to Salsa Loca for a nightcap. Since most of us had an early morning at work the next day, we were good little girls and went straight home after that.

What’s next on Fury Girls’ Taste of Key West? Join us for dinner at Seven Fish!

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