key west sunset

The winning sunset photo.

By Shayne Benowitz

Have you been to our facebook page lately? Well, if you have, I’m sure you’ve noticed our new profile pic winner Fury Fan Nicole Nash! It’s a glowing Key West sunset in all reds and oranges that looks like fire in the sky setting behind a cloud near an outcropping of mangroves. If there are two things to marvel over in Key West, the crystal clear water is one and the stunning sunset is definitely the other.

Every night as the sun dips into the western horizon, it paints the sky myriad different colors. After living in Key West nearly five years, it’s something that still takes my breath away. Nicole captured this beautifully in her snapshot taken from Mallory Square after a day spent with us on the Ultimate Adventure with her boyfriend Todd.

Nicole and her boyfriend Todd aboard the Ultimate Adventure on a sunny day in Key West

Nicole and her boyfriend Todd aboard the Ultimate Adventure.

Their trip to Key West was part of a special Valentine’s Day getaway that Todd planned after their first trip to Florida back in November. After some time at Disney World, they made their way to Key West and onto our Ultimate Adventure. Nicole said that she absolutely loved parasailing and took a ton of pictures flying high while the crew took pictures from the boat. Todd loved the snorkeling, and the highlight of their day was going Key West jet skiing when two dolphins swam up right next to them!

“Key West is a perfect little piece of paradise and we plan on making it a stop each year,” Nicole said.

Their next trip down is in June, and we’re treating them to the Commotion on the Ocean where they can experience the gorgeous sunset, live music, appetizers, and margaritas aboard the beautiful Caribbean Fury. She plans to bring her little brother and her nephew for the trip so they can make some memories to last a lifetime.

I love Nicole’s picture and her Key West story. For your chance to be the fan photo of the month and win the grand prize at the end of the year, head to our facebook page for rules and instructions!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021