Pride of Key West Glass Bottom BoatWhen they named her The Pride of Key West, they got it just right. She’s the only glass bottom boat in Key West and she turns 20 this month. At 65′ long and 30′ wide, her windows to the sea have shared the reef with countless passengers.

Perhaps most incredibly, her original captains are still at her helm today. We salute not only The Pride of Key West this month, but also Captain Kerry and Captain Brian. True professionals, if you’ve been aboard The Pride, chances are you’ve been treated to one of their harbor tours as you made your way to the reef.

We celebrated Tuesday night with a special anniversary sunset sail and eco tour. Not to worry, if you didn’t make the party she’s available daily for her two hour cruisea at noon, 2 p.m. and sunset. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the ecosystem and marine life of the third largest coral reef in the world inside the air-conditioned comfort of the main cabin without getting wet. It’s a favorite trip amongst multi-generational families on vacation. You can also enjoy Key West’s salt breeze from an outside deck and catch the beauty of Key West’s sunset with a Champagne toast.

Inside the Glass Bottom BoatWe caught up with Captain Kerry and Captain Brian to get some of their best memories aboard the glass bottom boat in Key West. Kerry, a true veteran, has been in Key West since 1966 and we rely on him for so much at Fury. Here’s what he says makes the glass bottom boat so unique: “Not only do you get to see the beautiful coral reef and its spectacular inhabitants, but you get to hear a narration at the same time explaining what you are seeing and its importance to us. The reefs of the oceans serve the same important purposes as the rain forests on land.”

His favorite part of the job? “I definitely enjoy meeting and talking with all the different people, and seeing the extensive variety of sea-life everyday,” says Kerry.

And what are some of the most incredible things Brian’s seen since 1994 when he first moved to Key West?  “A whale shark, a sunfish, a dolphin rescuing another dolphin, and nurse sharks swarming around a lobster trap searching for lunch.”

We’re honored to have such seasoned watermen on Fury’s team. Please join us this year as we celebrate 20 years with The Pride of Key West. Come discover all the mystery and beauty of the reef with our expert captains and their crew. Happy Anniversary guys!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021