The crew at Fury's Summer Punk Rock Party in Key West

The crew at Fury’s Summer Punk Rock Party!

By Shayne Benowitz

I have to say, at Fury, we’re a pretty lucky crew. In many ways, we’re just one big, crazy family. That’s never been more clear than when we get together to party! The summer soiree has become an institution, and this year we changed it up a little with a theme.

Saturday night as our crew gathered upstairs at Fogarty’s, the party got raucous with everyone’s interpretations on Punk Rock! The girls and I consulted our resident punk chick and check-in gal, Kayla, who lent us a bevy of ripped up concert t’s for an authentic look.

The party definitely rocked and there were many standout costumes. It felt like Fantasy Fest had come early! When I arrived Marius was at the door to greet people sporting a pink mohawk, crazy makeup, and a homemade anarchy shirt. Upstairs, Scott Saunders looked like Edward Scissor Hands with a gothic-inspired straightjacket and silver hair. I didn’t even recognize Andy Saunders who rocked a giant silver mohawk wig, sunglasses, and an over-sized spiked collar.

Kayla, Marius, Shayne and Scott at Fury's Summer Punk Rock Party

Kayla, Marius, Shayne, Scott.

Stephen, Holden, Leah, and JB made quite the rock star entrance together dressed as band mates of Pity Party wearing matching shredded, turquoise blue, skinny Levi’s. Eli also had a fab Brit punk rock getup and his wife Kenna looked punk-rock-beautiful-and-chic in a satiny black dress. Lindy looked adorably tough in a sequined mini skirt while her date’s shaved head was emblazoned with an anarchy tattoo. Andy Harris launched punk into a whole other stratosphere with lime green spandex pants and a feathered vest.

Kenna and Lindy at Fury's Summer Punk Rock Party

Kenna and Lindy.

There were so many remarkable costumes and the party rocked all over Duval Street into the wee hours. Check out the photo album on our Facebook page for the full effect! A big thank you to Scott and Marius for throwing a killer party and always making us feel appreciated. Rock on!

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