On Saturday, we loaded up the Dolphin Cat and Holy Chute with a crew full of volunteers for a four hour beach clean up at Boca Grande. At Fury, we’ve always been committed to responsible eco-tourism and conservation of the waters we spend so much time in. It’s with deep love of the ocean, the reef, the mangroves, the tropical fish, and the migratory birds of the Florida Keys that we come to work every day.

Since we gained our Blue Star operator status in 2012, our commitment to the preservation and conservation of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is steadfast. At Fury, we promote responsible and sustainable Key West snorkeling practices, educate our passengers of the delicate marine ecosystem, and participate in beach cleanups like the one we had this weekend. We want to be able to share the beauty of the Florida Keys and its unique, diverse ecosystem with visitors for generations to come.

Here’s some pictures from our clean up.

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Last Updated 10/29/2021