By Shayne Benowitz

Holy Chute emerging from the water for yard work.

Holy Chute emerging from the water for yard work.

Certain times of year call for our boats to come out of the water. Whether it be maintenance and repair or Coastguard and hull inspections, there is a calendar we follow to make sure everything is running in ship shape.

This last week has been a big one for the Fury crew as we’ve worked tirelessly in the yard on the Key West Fury catamaran and the Holy Chute parasail boat. You might wonder how its possible for a 65’ catamaran that literally weighs a ton to come out of the water. Well, it’s a pretty incredible process. The use of a giant crane is imperative. The boat is then balanced on stacks of wood and cinder blocks in the boat yard.

That’s when we get to work. Every day in the yard is different. One day we might be scraping up the deck for refurbishment. Another day, we’re sanding and buffing, applying acetone and painting, or waxing and washing. It calls for early mornings and a long, tough day of work.

It is absolutely necessary, though, to keep our boats in safe working condition and to maintain the high standards you come to expect at Fury. Holy Chute is already back in the water and it’s sparkling like it’s brand new. The Key West will return to the Ocean Key Marina before the end of the week to take over the Ultimate Adventure once agian. It’s nice that our fleet is large enough now that a day in the yard doesn’t disrupt our schedule of trips. Everything’s running as usual at Fury, and we hope you join us soon!

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