by Shayne Benowitz

A beautiful rainbow at the bow of the parasail boat.

A beautiful rainbow at the bow of the parasail boat.

Many people consider this the absolute best time of year for a visit to Key West. The winter chill has frosted many northern snowbirds and the weather here is moderate and warm. Gone are the sweltering days of summer (my personal favorite) and instead most days are in the lower 70s with a cool breeze that makes you want to be outside all day.

This morning, I woke up to clear blue skies, which immediately excited me for a gorgeous day working on the parasail boat. When I hopped on my bike, I was surprised to see a grey cloud lightly drizzling across the street. In front of me there was a large grey cloud. Behind me it was bright and sunshiny.

As I turned the corner on Truman Avenue, the raincloud followed me to work—never fun. But when I looked across the street, I saw one of the most magnificent rainbows ever. It stretched in a full arch 180 degrees to the horizon and was bright and beautiful.

The great thing about Key West is that 90% of the time, a rain shower never lasts longer than 5-10 minutes before it floats away, and often times it’s followed by a gorgeous rainbow.

Today, the sky cleared up for work and I was able to snap a picture of another rainbow from the bow of the parasail boat. Pretty cool, huh?

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