by Shayne Benowitz

One of Shayne's crystal clear photographs capturing the joy of parasailing

One of Shayne’s crystal clear photographs capturing the joy of parasailing

Your boat is leaving the marina as your parasail mate explains to you that you’ll be flying in the air on 600 feet of line that will propel you into the heavens between 300 and 350 feet. The swift boat is cutting through the marina, skipping over wakes, and zooming away from the harbor. Your mate continues to explain how you should bend your knees and relax when it comes time for that dip in the water.

Suddenly, you panic. How are you ever going to prove it to the folks back at home? More importantly, how will you know what kind of crazy face you make as you lift off the boat’s stern with your partner? The boat is too bumpy to capture a steady shot and you don’t want to risk damaging your digital camera in the water.

Your friendly Fury mate, Shayne, snapping some great shots at the stern

Your friendly Fury mate, Shayne, snapping some great shots at the stern

Well, relax. Your parasail mate has you covered as she transforms into your personal photographer, snapping up 25-30 pictures (usually even more) of the entire experience with her trusty digital zoom camera. She’ll start off with a few “before” shots on the boat, capture some great close-up pictures as you take off and get dipped in the water, and finally beautiful scenic shots that really give you an idea for how high above the water you’re flying.

These pictures are burned onto a mini-disc available immediately that you can put in your computer and upload making perfect screen savers and myspace pictures! You can always take your disc and have your favorite shot printed at a pharmacy to frame at home. Traveling with a family or a group of friends? Ask about the group photo package rates to save money.

If you definitely want some memorable pictures of your parasail experience at Fury, purchasing the photo package is absolutely the way to go. Your mate will be able to capture crystal clear photos in rapid succession when pictures with your personal camera will probably turn out blurry with an obstructed view. It’s worth it to splurge and take home an awesome photomontage of your flight! Just remember to smile, but that shouldn’t be too hard!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021