The Atlantic Fury at sunset

The Atlantic Fury at sunset

by Shayne Benowitz

The fleet is complete again! After spending the winter months in a New Orleans boatyard, the Atlantic Fury has returned to her slip into the Key West sunset. The oldest catamaran in our fleet at 13 years old, the Atlantic went through a major overhaul. From the inside out, she’s a brand new vessel. When you step aboard, you’ll notice the bright and shiny paint job on the deck, along the railings, and underneath the canopy. Her hull is brand new and so is her plumbing.

She’s the anchor of our fleet, and even though she’s the oldest, she’s a favorite amongst many of our captains. Ames loves her classic sailing capabilities. Drew likes the open-air design of her canopy. And Steve is impressed with how brand-spanking-new she looks and runs.

The Pacific Fury is roughly eight years old, the Key West Fury arrived in August of 2005, and the Caribbean Fury is about a year old. We take pride in having the largest fleet of catamarans on the island. We also work hard to maintain our vessels for the comfort and safety of our guests. When you’re sailing with Fury, you’re definitely sailing in style!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer. For more travel stories and a daily dose of what’s cool around the globe visit her Wanderlust Website at

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