by Shayne Benowitz

It’s finally here! The much anticipated album “Cory Heydon Band Live Aboard the Fury” dropped this weekend. To celebrate this exciting new album, Fury Water Adventures hosted a rocking CD release party aboard the Commotion on the Ocean last Friday night. To entertain Commotion diehards, Cory and band mates Tom and Terry did what they do best, and performed a special concert as the sun settled into the western horizon.

All passengers received a free commemorative squeeze bottle and t-shirt. And of course, the Fury crew served up margaritas, beer, wine, champagne, and tons of appetizers. If you find yourself humming along to some of Cory’s best once you’ve left Key West, then you’ve got to snag this live album. You’ll be able to relive that magical sunset sail all year long. Cory selected all of the best crowd pleasers to create the perfect memento or gift to take home. For more info, check out his website

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Last Updated 03/18/2024