Tourists snorkeling in Key West

Snorkeling. Courtesy of Fury Fan Karla McAllister White

By Shayne Benowitz

I certainly don’t know how to explain it. I’m no meteorologist after all, and I don’t pretend to be. Somehow, though, while one of the largest winter storms swept the nation, we experienced the most beautiful weather of the season. Clear skies, sunshine, temperatures pushing to 80 degrees…

Yeah, that’s what I call paradise! This weekend, I actually felt a little bad for everyone freezing in the snow while I was on the Key West parasailing boat sweating in the sun. Our year round beautiful weather is definitely why I love living in Key West!

Friends parasailing in Key West

Parasailing. Courtesy of Fury Fan Alicia Leelee Campitelli.

Last week, while I was updating Fury’s facebook page, my newsfeed was filled with winter weather pictures. And let’s face it, they’re beautiful, and certainly not something we get to see down here in the tropics.

I made a call to action and asked you all to share your snowy pictures with us, and of course, our wonderful Fury fans came through. First, mother of the cutest (and only 🙂 ) parasail crew couple Kenna and Eli posted a picture of Kenna’s brother in snowy Kansas. Henry D. Pawlus directed us to his page full of snowy pix! Amy Nykiel-Bacon posted a picture of her snowed-in front yard and Chris Shields posted a gorgeous picture of a frozen tree branch.

Frozen tree branches in Indiana

Ice ice baby in Indiana. Courtesy of Fury Fan Chris Shields.

The pictures are a veritable winter wonderland, and you should really check them out on our facebook page. But then I started to get a little cold and realized that we weren’t doing our beautiful Key West weather justice. So again, the fans came through posting dozens of sunny vacation pix aboard Fury!

Sunsets in paradise in Key West

Sunsets in paradise. Courtesy of Fury Fan Dorothy Such.

Remember, if you’re freezing your little tush off dreaming of diving into the warm, blue waters in Key West, we’ve got some pretty rockin’ contests on our facebook page right now. Enter a sweepstakes for an all-0expense paid trip to Key West and enter our photo contest. We’re giving out prizes every month. Keep the pix coming and see ya soon!


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