When you’re in Key West, you should know that there is much more to this town than meets the eye. Just offshore, a Key West catamaran tour can show you some of the most fascinating marine life you’ve ever encountered — things you never imagined you’d see up close. If you take one of many available Key West sightseeing tours, you’ll learn about the rich history of the island and hear all about the remarkable historical figures who called Key West home away from home. After a few Key West tours, you’ll have no trouble learning where things are, and maybe even finding the courage to branch off on your own for a self-guided walking tour. In the meantime, when it comes to tours by land, know that Old Town Trolley can get you anywhere you want to be. And for those nautical adventures, well, there’s nobody better than Fury Water Adventures.

Best Key West Tours By Sea

Beach life is synonymous with Key West, so that desire to get out on the open water is something we are all familiar with. There’s nobody better to get you out on the water for the nautical experience of a lifetime than Fury Water Adventures. With an array of Key West boat tours for the thrill seekers and eco lovers, Fury Water Adventures has everything you need to have a memorable time.

Commotion on the Ocean

This Key West boat tour is hands down the most popular Fury Water Adventures has to offer. Party like never before on the catamaran of your dreams while the sunset lights up the sky with all kinds of hues of pink and orange. Dance your heart out to a live band playing all of your favorite songs. This Key West tour brings guests an excellent selection of food, drink and company, as the marvelous scenery makes it impossible to have a bad time. Bring your closest loved ones to dance with, or meet somebody new! The party is always alive and well with this Key West boat tour. Book Fury’s Commotion on the Ocean today!

water slide in fury's water park in key west

Ultimate Adventure H2.0

If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of Key West tour experience you want on your next vacation, just know that you don’t have to. With Fury’s Ultimate Adventure H2.0, we’ve taken all the hard parts of choosing out of the equation; just do it all! Start your Key West tour by cruising on a state-of-the-art catamaran, leaving you at Florida’s sole certified ocean water park. Get a bird’s-eye view way above the ocean with a thrilling parasail ride. Zoom through the ocean with your closest companion on a top-of-the-line double-rider Jet Ski, or hold on for dear life getting tugged along on a banana boat ride. The thrills are endless with Fury’s Ultimate Adventure H2.0.

Glass Bottom Boat

So, you and your family aren’t the greatest swimmers. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on the Key West sightseeing tour of a lifetime! With Fury’s Glass Bottom Boat, get the best views of the reef while avoiding even the tiniest drop of water. See a magical array of wildlife, such as rays and sea turtles, swim right underneath this one-of-a-kind vessel, giving you an unparalleled view of the crystal clear ocean beneath you. If you and your family enjoyed the Key West Aquarium, take that experience to the next level with Fury’s truly unique Glass Bottom Boat!

Island Adventure Eco Tour

Fury’s Island Adventure Eco Tour is the perfect Key West tour for the nature lovers out there. This Key West tour brings guests up close and personal with all kinds of Key West wildlife looming just below and above the ocean’s surface. With Fury’s Island Adventure, take a guided kayak tour that will show you parts of Key West you never imagined you’d see. Hop on a paddleboard to see what you can find on your own, or use some of Fury’s top-of-the-line snorkeling gear to get below the surface. When it comes to Key West sightseeing tours, there’s no better sight than the inviting, natural sandbar for guests to lay back and splash around on. Fury’s Island Adventure Eco Tour puts you right in the middle of one of the liveliest ecosystems around. 

Morning Snorkel Trip

Pack a whole week’s worth of fun and adventure into a single morning with Fury’s Morning Snorkel Trip! We all want to make the most of each day on vacation, and Fury understands that. Set aside your morning to see how it feels to be the big fish on North America’s only living coral reef and then fill the rest of your day with any of the many Key West sightseeing tours available. This Key West boat tour takes snorkelers out to sea on a state-of-the-art catamaran, where everyone can take in big breaths of that incomparable ocean air. Then, once arrived, put on Fury’s top-of-the-line snorkeling gear and explore the wonders of the reef in a way you never imagined you could. Once back on the catamaran, remember that you have the rest of a beautiful day to fill with all kinds of marvelous Key West tours. 

Best Key West Tours By Land

Maybe you did what seemed impossible and exhausted every incredible Key West boat tour available. Or maybe you’re just an outright land lover (not a single thing wrong with that)! Either way, these are the best Key West sightseeing tours the town has to offer. A strong swimmer or not, you’re sure not going to want to miss these!

old town trolley in-front of key west shipwreck museum in key west

Hop On Hop Off with Old Town Trolley

This Key West sightseeing tour is the best way to see the historic town at your own pace. For a single ticket, Hop On Hop Off with Old Town Trolley lets passengers enjoy these trolley tours from the most knowledgeable guides in all of Key West all day long, hopping on or off at any stop along the extensive route. Catch the iconic orange and green trolley after starting your day at the extravagant shops of Mallory Square. Learn about the history of Key West at the Harry S. Truman Little White House and how the former president of the United States made history in the humble abode. Take a trolley to the Sails To Rails Museum and learn all about the history of maritime travel. There’s nowhere in Key West that Hop On Hop Off with Old Town Trolley can’t take you. 

Conch Tour Train

This Key West tour is world famous for the fun family-friendly view of the island it has provided for tourists since 1958. A historic part of Key West, it is one of the best ways to learn about the island’s history from experienced, knowledgeable tour guides. Iconic sites along the route include the Ernest Hemingway House and Harry S. Truman Little White House, making it a quintessential Key West sightseeing tour. A cute ride that’s great for people of all ages, if you’re not sold on the Key West boat tours, the Conch Tour Train is certain to be right up your alley. 

Ghosts & Gravestones

No Key West sightseeing tour shows Key West in such a spooky light as the Ghosts & Gravestones tours. Voted one of the top ten best ghost tours by USA Today, Ghosts & Gravestones tells some of the most harrowing ghost stories of Key West. Think of all the sailors lost at sea, shipwrecks and more that have left spirits looming on the shores of the island. Hear the tale of the famous Captain Tony’s Saloon, overrun by the paranormal, the Lady in Blue and more! A town as old and as storied as Key West is sure to have collected some ghosts along the way, and Ghosts & Gravestones tours can’t wait to tell you all about them. 

Self-Guided Walking Tours

If the Key West boat tours don’t seem to tickle your fancy, and the Key West sightseeing tours don’t leave you with enough freedom to enjoy Key West your way, the GPSmyCity app is the perfect tool for you to map out your very own self-guided walking tour. This groundbreaking app allows you to follow the path of those before you or customize your very own route. After all, nobody knows you like you know you. Whether you want to prioritize the restaurants and bars, monuments and museums, or boats and beaches, the GPSmyCity app can help you do just that. 


What are the best tours in Key West?

For Key West boat tours, the best options are offered by Fury Water Adventures, hands down. For Key West sightseeing tours, Old Town Trolley and the iconic Conch Tour Train are often regarded by tourists as the best around.

Why should I take a Key West tour?

There is so much to this city that would be very hard to learn or see without a Key West tour. Fury Water Adventures safely guides guests through some of the most marvelous ecosystems the ocean has to offer while making sure they’re safe and accounted for. It’s hard to imagine somebody unfamiliar with the region could see that without the help of a Key West tour.

Should I take a Key West boat tour?

A Key West boat tour is an incredible idea for those who want to see the island in its best light. A Key West boat tour with Fury Water Adventures is one of the only ways to explore the only living coral reef left in all of North America. 

What are the best Key West tours for families?

Fury’s Dolphin Watch & Snorkel tour is an excellent way for the whole family to see and experience the wonders of the deep blue sea. The Conch Tour Train is also an exciting opportunity for the little ones to choo-choo all around town, and for everybody to learn all about Key West. 

What are the best Key West tours for couples?

Fury’s Commotion on the Ocean is a romantic sunset sail for couples to enjoy while dancing the night away to live music. A night on this excursion is certain to bring you and your loved one closer. 

What are the best Key West tours for kids?

The Conch Tour Train is a great time for the little ones, taking them around Key West on a fun train ride. The Glass Bottom Boat is also a great way for  children who aren’t the strongest swimmers yet to see the wonders of the ocean. 

What are the best Key West tours for history buffs? 

Hop On Hop Off with Old Town Trolley is a great option for the history buffs looking to see as much of historic Key West as they can. The Truman Little White House is also a fun tour to take for historians looking to learn about Truman’s 175 days of his presidency spent on the island. 

What are the best Key West tours for nature lovers? 

Fury’s Morning Snorkel offers nature lovers an up close and personal view of the only living coral reef in North America. Also perfect for eco lovers is Fury’s Island Adventure, with guided kayak tours and a sandbar teeming with ocean life. 

Last Updated 01/25/2024