by Shayne Benowitz

Guests test their balance on the new Saturn.

Guests test their balance on the new Saturn.

As if an iceberg rock climbing wall, a water trampoline with a catapult, and a sea teeter-totter was not enough, Fury continues to outdo itself by adding a Saturn orbit to its inflatable, floating amusement park at Adventure Island.

The Ultimate Adventure truly lives up to its name as new features are constantly added to this all-day package. At Adventure Island, you will rotate through a huge variety of exciting activities. We’ll sail you through the air 300 feet above the water on our parasail boat. The next thing you know, you’ll be revving the engine of a jetski and gliding across the Gulf of Mexico. After, you can go for a wild ride on a banana boat. There’s plenty of time for sunbathing and relaxing on one of our sundecks. If you’re up for something more active, hop into a kayak and paddle out to the nearby sand flat where you might spy a stingray sleeping on the shallow, sandy bottom. Then, try bouncing off of our many inflatable amusements, and remember the Saturn is brand-spanking-new!

If you can believe it, you’ve only made it halfway through the trip. After three hours at Adventure Island, you still have an amazing snorkel adventure to get to seven miles south of Key West at the amazing coral reef. Enjoy the sea breeze along with a delicious lunch as you sail out past the southernmost tip and into the infinite blue sea.

There is no better trip on the island for someone who loves the water than Fury’s Ultimate Adventure. Spend the whole day with us. Breakfast, lunch, and all you can drink sodas, water, beer, and wine are complimentary, which only sweetens the deal (and the value!). See you soon!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021