Hands making heart shapes with sunset in the background

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, love is in the air, and I mean the salt breeze blowing through your hair on the bow of a Fury Catamaran while sipping bubbly and feeding your sweetie pie chocolate dipped strawberries as the sun sets into the ocean. Now that’s romance! Right? Seriously, if you’re surprising that special someone with a trip to Key West over Valentine’s Day, then watching the sunset on a boat out at sea is the best way to get her swooning.

We’ve got three different Valentine’s Day packages, so you’re sure to find one perfect for you. Join the crowd aboard the Commotion on the Ocean, Key West’s most popular sunset sail and shimmy with your Valentine while the Cory Heydon Band rocks you into the sunset. We’ll be serving margaritas, beer, wine, and of course champagne, as well as a variety of appetizers great for sharing with the one you love.

For a more low key experience, the classic champagne sunset sail has your name on it. Watch the sun sink slowly into the western horizon while the Fury crew makes sure your cup never runs dry.

If you’re looking for an excellent value that includes the sunset and the reef, then you must join us aboard the glass bottom boat eco-tour. We’ll cruise five miles out to the reef where you can gaze through our “windows to the sea” while a knowledgeable guide narrates exactly what you’re looking at. Next, venture to the bow or the observation deck in time for a champagne toast at sunset.

No matter how you celebrate your Valentine’s Day, be sure to be sweet to the ones you love! Fury Girl’s wishing everyone boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses on this lovely holiday! xo!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz.

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Last Updated 03/18/2024