Monica Govey's award-winning photo of a Fury sail boat passing by the shore

Monica Govey’s award-winning photo!

By Shayne Benowitz

I have to say, our Facebook page has gotten to be so much fun now that we’ve got our Photo Contest going. We’ve gotten hundreds of contestants sending us pictures daily that totally capture the fun and the beauty of Key West and Fury!

Each month a different winner is selected to rule our Facebook profile picture, plus they’re entered to win a prize pack that includes the Ultimate Adventure, a sunset sail, and accommodations for two! For complete details, to enter, and to vote for your fave pix, go to our Facebook page and join the fun. You’ll be Key West dreamin’ in no time!

Mariana Fernandez's award-winning photo of a girl snorkeling in Key West

Mariana Fernandez’s award-winning photo!

Every month, I like to celebrate the contest winners on the blog. It’s been so busy lately that this time around, I’m giving shout-outs to both May’s winner Mariana Fernandez and June’s winner Monica Govey. I love chatting with our fans on the boats, and it’s so cool that we can extend the conversation via Facebook and emails!

Mariana made the trip to Key West from Miami with her husband Javier to celebrate her 28th birthday last September. They went snorkeling with us during their trip, and this is what Mariana had to say, “The first impression we had as we descended into the water and glanced below was: ‘OMG!! IT’S SUPER DEEP!!!!’ Then, little by little, we lost the fear and before we knew it we were like two fish in the sea, swimming around, staring at the unknown world that was just beneath us!”

Mariana with her husband Javier taking a selfie

Mariana with her husband Javier.

She says they absolutely fell in love with Key West’s landscape and the kindness of the people. They are dying to get back to give parasailing a try and this photo contest is their chance! I have to say, she’s doing an awesome job and has rallied 161 people to “like” her photo!

Monica and her mom taking a drink in Key West.

Monica with her mom in Key West.

Monica hails from Rhode Island and has made the trip to Key West in 2006, 2007, and 2008! She joined us on the Commotion on the Ocean sunset sail with her parents in 2008 and she’s dying to get back for a trip with her girlfriends. Monica says the feeling she gets being in Key West makes her want to pack her bags and start a new life down here. Hey, Monica, I know the feeling and we’d love to have you! She says her mom absolutely loved the endless margaritas, dancing to the band, and the people watching aboard the Commotion.

Like I said, I just love hearing people’s Key West stories. There is something very special about our little island. Let’s keep the conversation going! Take a look at our facebook page, send us your pix, and post your memories. I can’t wait to read all about them!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember, freelance writer, and social media specialist. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz.

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