Singers Taylor & KD Moore perform on Commotion on the Ocean in Key West

Fingers Taylor & KD Moore perform on the Commotion. Photo Courtesy of

by Shayne Benowitz

The Parrotheads landed! As if Key West wasn’t already a year round haven for Jimmy Buffett die-hards, the annual Meeting of the Minds week was a time to come together and live the dream!

As always, Fury Key West had the Parrotheads covered with our annual Meeting of the Minds Commotion on the Ocean sunset sail. This year we rocked out two whole nights. Friday singer/songwriter and perennial favorite Scott Kirby played his beach-folky storyteller-style songs as he picked his fingerstyle guitar to a sold out crowd.

On Saturday, living legends KD Moore and “Fingers” Taylor performed with other Coral Reefer alumni, Amy Lee and Rob Mehl. The boat definitely rocked when they performed crowd-pleasing Jimmy Buffett classics.

The wind was strong in the sails aboard the Caribbean Fury, and moving to the music kept everyone warm when the sun sank into the ocean. The crew served up pitchers of our delicious margaritas. When in Margaritaville, you’ve gotta have a few margaritas! Ice-cold beer, wine, wine spritzers, and champagne flowed freely, as usual. For our hungry Parrotheads, the bar was full of tasty appetizers like chicken wings, meatballs, and fresh veggies.

The Commotion sets sail every night with our beloved Cory Heydon Band, so don’t miss out on the fun the next time you’re in town!

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Last Updated 03/18/2024