cory heydon band

The Cory Heydon Band at sunset. Photo courtesy of Fury Fan Luci Dinsdale.

By Shayne Benowitz

This year, we’re celebrating the Parrothead’s Annual Meeting of the Minds festivities a little differently. In years past we’ve had special guests performers. This year, our very own house band The Cory Heydon Band will be rockin’ and rollin’ to headline a very special Commotion on the Ocean. Cory, Tom, and Terry have become such a popular trio that our Commotion on the Ocean runs the risk of selling out almost every night.

I had some time to sit down with Cory and chit chat about tonight’s show. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview. Enjoy!

FG: How will the Parrotheads Commotion be special?

CH: We’re going to do exactly what we do all the time, but I plan to throw in some obscure Jimmy Buffett and other Parrotheads-style songs. We’ll play “Margaritaville” if someone asks.

FG: What’s your favorite Jimmy Buffet song?

CH: “Death of an Unpopular Poet” and “Come Monday,” which has the word Montana in the lyrics. [Note: Cory hails from the great state of Montana!]

FG: Tell me about your new original song “Out on the Fury.”

CH: Terry and I decided to collaborate and write a few songs. It’s the first one that we did, but there’s more to come. Our fans can look forward to more trop-rock songs like “Out on the Fury” on an album in the future.

FG: What’s unique about performing aboard a boat?

CH: It’s just the most beautiful place ever. It’s a really cool environment. It’s your own dance club in the middle of the water and you get to watch the sunset. The added feature is there’s a band on board.

FG: What do you think of the Fury crew?

CH: The Fury crew rocks, man!

The Cory Heydon Band Meeting of the Minds Commotion on the Ocean sets sail tonight at 5:30pm departing from the Historic Seaport. See you there!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021