by Shayne Benowitz

Parachute Pearl smiling away.

Parachute Pearl smiling away.

Captain Scotty and I flew a brand new state-of-the-art parachute on its maiden voyage today on the parasail boat. She stands out as one of a kind on the western horizon, smiling down at our passengers with her big bright eyes and pearly whites. We decided it would only be fitting to name her “Pearl.”

Aboard every parasail boat is a variety of custom chutes, ranging in diameter from 27 to 39 feet. Depending on wind conditions, we make a decision as to which size chute will give us optimum safety and performance.

Some of our chutes resemble a colorful beach umbrella and many of our newer parachutes have smiley faces on them. Sometimes customers don’t realize that it’s a smiling until half way through the trip. I always tell them that it’s smiling because parasailing is fun, not scary! A little girl from the Czech Republic said that Pearl looked like a pumpkin. I could see what she meant, only if it was a turquoise-teal pumpkin!

Scotty was absolutely beaming as he drove the boat, raving about Pearl’s excellent lift.Everything about her is shiny and new. Her lines are waxy and her chute is clean and crisp. The parasail boats are also equipped with brand new life jackets and harnesses to make your trip with us safe and pleasant. At Fury, we are constantly making improvements to provide our customers with the very best.

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Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer who is working on her debut novel.Shayne can be reached at

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