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Island Adventure?

As you may know, we now have two ways to spend an entire day on the water with Fury Water Adventures, the Ultimate Adventure and the Island Adventure. If you’re coming to visit us this spring or summer, you have a tough decision to make if you can only spend one day with us. Take our quiz below to see which Key West All Day Adventure is for you!

Key West All Day Adventures

Ultimate Adventure?

1. My idea of a good time on the water is…

A. An action-packed day with a big, fun crowd. I love meeting new people and trying new things!

B. A laid back day surrounded by close friends and family. I just want to chill and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

2. In Key West, I want to check the following off of my bucket list:

A. Parasailing! It looks like so much fun!

B. Kayaking through offshore mangroves. Uncharted territory!

3. If there’s one thing I must do while spending a day on the water it’s…

A. Jet skiing! I have a need for speed!

B. Sinking my toes in the sand of a deserted sandbar without another boat in sight. So peaceful!

4. My perfect lunch break:

A. Cold cuts, fresh fruit, potato salad, pasta salad, cookies, and cold beer! The whole smorgasbord!

B. Cuban mix sandwiches, salsa, hummus, chips, fresh fruit, and Coronas! Perfect for a chill day in the sun.

5. My perfect Key West All Day Adventure on the water must include:

A. Testing my limits! I like a good challenge like scaling the iceberg!

B. Learning something new! I’m really into the outdoors and learning about the ecosystem!


Alright, boys and girls, tally up your responses and find out which trip is for you!

Mostly As – You’re an Ultimate Adventurer

Always up for action, adventure, and a good time, you’ve got a positive attitude and you love meeting new people. The Ultimate Adventure is your kind of trip! Spend the morning in Key West snorkeling the majestic coral reef aboard our 65′ catamaran before heading to Adventure Island where you’ll parasail, jet ski, kayak, ride banana boats, and play on our inflatable water toys. Our spacious boat offers plenty of space to kick back and take a breather, but one of our activities will likely rouse you to action! Even better, breakfast, lunch, and all you can drink is included in this action packed day.

Mostly Bs – You’re an Island Adventurer

You’re inquisitive nature forces you to seek off the beaten path experiences. You love creating memories with the people you care for most, or even by yourself! Your idea of a good time is getting away from it all and possibly learning something new. The Island Adventure is calling you with snorkeling at some of Key West’s most hidden reefs. Finish the day with an exploration of the Gulf of Mexico’s backcountry where you’ll spot juvenile nurse sharks, conch shells, sea cucumbers, and more! Then kick back and relax at a sand bar sipping Coronas and watching the world go by. Snacks, lunch, and drinks are included on your laid back day in the sun.

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz

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Last Updated 10/29/2021