A tropical red hibiscus

A tropical hibiscus.

By Shayne Benowitz

This is the beginning of the most beautiful time of year at Fury Key West. We are getting sunny, warm weather day after day. The wind is calm and the water is flat. And the best part about it is that we have months to look forward to more of the same. That’s kind of what life on an island paradise is like.

A blue tang swimming amongst sergeant majors through coral reefs in Key West

A blue tang swimming amongst sergeant majors.

Yesterday, I worked the Key West snorkeling trips aboard the Pacific Fury and it was absolutely stunning. We sailed out to Sand Key. I just love being on the boats and feeling the sunshine on your shoulders coupled with the sea breeze. We got to the reef and moored up, and before you even jumped in the water you could just tell that the visibility was remarkable!

Lisa (Fury cast member) assisting a snorkeler into the water in Key West

Lisa assisting a snorkeler into the water.

I headed down the steps and felt the first splashes of the salty Atlantic. So refreshing! I dove right in with my mask on. The first thing I saw was a small school of enormous midnight blue parrotfish. These are my favorite and so I swam with them as long as I could. As always, schools of yellowtail snapper and sergeant majors fluttered around me.

A blue parrotfish swimming in Key West waters

Fury Girl’s fave, the midnight blue parrotfish!

We had a lot of passengers, so I assisted some of our snorkelers with getting the hang of the salt water and using their snorkels. The first thing I always tell them, “Relax! You’re floating!” And then, we take it from there. Over the years, I’ve realized that ANYONE can learn to snorkel.

After an hour, we hopped back on the boat and dried off in the afternoon sunshine. And of course, it was time to get the pitchers of margaritas and cold beer circulating. Those drinks just go so well with being out on a boat after snorkeling!

Shayne Benowitz is a freelance writer and Fury crewmember. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz.

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