Kim & Ronnie parasailing with Fury in Key West

The couple who parasails together, stays together! Congratulations Kim & Ronnie!

by Shayne Benowitz

Recently on the parasail boat we’ve had some guests celebrating special occasions. I love talking to our passengers and hearing about what brought them to Key West. For many, it’s just the annual family vacation or a break from school. For others, though, it’s birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family reunions, or an annual girls trip! I love the idea of traveling for a special occasion. It makes life that much more of a celebration!

Fury fan celebrating her 77th birthday

Johnnie Smith celebrating her 77th birthday!

Last Saturday, Captain Marius and Jumah parasailed Johnnie Smith who was celebrating her 77th birthday! They reeled her out on 600 feet of line with her daughter and they soared through the air at 300 feet. She was so sweet and said that it was an absolute thrill to be up there.

About a year ago, we had an entire wedding party consisting of two newlywed couples reserve a parasail boat to “trash the dress.” This was a trend I had never heard of until then that involves trashing your wedding dress in a creative way after your wedding.

This week, Kim and Ronnie  joined us fresh from the altar in their wedding attire ready to do the same thing. We took them up in the parasail and gave them a nice dip in the water. Kim told us that it was the perfect end to a perfect day and that every bride should “trash the dress” this way! We posted their pix on facebook and got a huge response with lots of “likes” and comments.

We’re happy people think of us when they think of celebrations in their lives. We hope you’ll join us for your next big day!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Follower her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz

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