Spring Breakers!

Spring Breakers!

by Shayne Benowitz

It starts mid-February when northeastern universities recess for their mid-winter breaks. Week after week, day after day the momentum builds through March as thousands of college coeds descend on our island paradise for a week of debauchery known only as… Spring Break!

According to our senior catamaran captain, the inimitable Chuck Buck, and his intensive data and research, the week of March 7-14 over two million college students across the country will be on Spring Break. We expect that to be the busiest week in Key West and our crew is definitely gearing up for it.

We know the importance of making the dollar stretch when you’re still in school and that’s why a trip with Fury is one of the best deals in town! Not only do all of our trips include free, all-you-can-drink beer and wine, but you can enjoy it in style offshore on a boat! Whether you choose an afternoon of snorkeling, an evening sunset sail, or rock it out with us all day on the Ultimate Adventure, it’s going to be a party! When you calculate how much money you drop at the bars in a few hours, the value of a Fury trip is unrivaled.

Come join us for some fun, and when you get back to school, keep in touch! We’ve got over 1,000 facebook fans and would love to double it over Spring Break. Post your pictures, videos, and comments on our page, and make your friends jealous! We’re constantly updating our photo albums and posting status updates on all the fun we have in Key West year round, so don’t forget to become a fan!

For the tweeters out there, check us out on twitter, too @FuryKeyWest! We’ve also got exclusive pix up on our flickr photostream every week. Check it out, you might just find yourself in a few pix (or grab some of your favorite Fury captain or mate ;). It’s all about the memories! Addicted to youtube? We’ve got a Fury channel with plenty of Spring Break videos to come! In the meantime, check out “Fury Girl’s Fantasy Fest Survival Guide,” our most viewed video, and who knows, maybe we’ll see you back in October for the biggest party of the year!

See you on the boats soon and don’t forget to go to facebook, post your comments, and tell us what school you’re from. Which school will represent?

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Last Updated 10/29/2021