Key West Mini Lobster Season 2012

Morgan with the 8.25 lb. monster!

Every year when Key West Mini Lobster Season rolls around, I’m reminded of just how cool a few of our Fury gals are. Mini Season is a Lobster Season preview where recreational boaters can dive the waters hunting for lobsters before the commercial fishermen get to them. This year, Key West Mini Lobster Season was July 25-26, and Lobster Season started August 6 and runs through the end of March. So now’s definitely the time to order that spiny lobster for dinner during your Key West vacation.

Anyway, back to the really cool Fury Girls I was talking about. Our very own Annabelle, Cassandra, and Jenna, along with their crew Team Pickle Chum took to the waters for Mini Season and came back with not only a ton of lobster and fish, but also some really adorable pictures, as usual!

Jenna, Betty, Cassandra, Olivia, and Annabelle with their catch

Jenna, Betty, Cassandra, Olivia, and Annabelle with their catch.

For whatever reason, I’ve never tried spear fishing in all the years I’ve lived in Key West. I guess snorkeling with them at the reef is good enough for me, but I’m always impressed with the gals who do! Plus, there’s nothing tastier than dinner cooked at home with the fresh catch that your friends caught on the water that day.

Jenna is an award-winning spear fisherwoman, and all the girls of Team Pickle Chum contributed to the pounds of lobster they snagged that day. The lobster that Morgan’s holding in the picture weighed in at a whopping 8.25 pounds. It’s practically as big as she is!

“That lobster was a monster,” Annabelle told me. “And the biggest I have ever seen in my life!”

I’ll say! Good job on the hunt, ladies! Now, when are you inviting me over for dinner?

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