Marina view from 78' up in Key West

The view from 78′ up!

Happy Holidays Fury Fans! We hope you enjoyed a very merry Christmas and Christmas Eve with your family and friends. We’ve certainly had a wonderful holiday season. You may recall a certain Facebook photo that got a lot of traction this month. It was a picture taken by our crew member Kamil from the top of the Caribbean Fury’s mast. It’s an amazing bird’s eye view through a fish eye lens of the marina, the island and, of course, some of our boats.

Kamil at the top of the mast in Key West

Kamil at the top of the mast.

So, what, you might ask, was Kamil doing at the top of our mast and how did he get up there? Well, in preparation of the Lighted Boat Parade this year, we pulled out all the stops. You may have seen some pictures of our staff dressed in full Alice & Wonderland costumes for our themed boat, and we decided to get serious with decorating our vessel, as well.

Kamil scaled the mast to string a coil of Christmas lights all the way to the top of our 69-foot mast. It’s stepped nine feet above the waterline, so he was about 78 feet high. And as you can see, the views from that height are pretty breathtaking!

The crew helped hoist him to the top in a parasail harness with our rigging system. It definitely takes an adventurous crew member to do it, but we, of course, make sure it’s done safely.

Overall, the photo got 242 likes, 15 comments and 4 shares. After all, what’s not to like about a bird’s eye view of Key West? Thanks for your hard work Kamil and the awesome pictures!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021