Man and woman hugging on the beach

Maia and Davey.

As I sat down to write this week’s Fury Girl Blog, Key West wedding pictures galore started popping up on my Facebook feed and I couldn’t help but spread the good news! Two of our beloved Fury parasail captains are officially off the market. Captain Davey and Maia wed on January 13th and Captain Charlie and Alex were married last weekend on February 16.

For Davey’s intimate wedding, he chartered the Reef Express to head offshore to Boca Grande just before sunset. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a nice cruise out. Once we arrived, the island was ready for a wedding with a beautiful arch set against the backdrop of the endless sea and sky. Captain Jeremy officiated the ceremony and Davey’s groomsmen included Captain Hans, his brother Jamie, and longtime friends.

Marriage on the beach

Charlie & Alex with their wedding party.

We toasted with champagne and launched floating lanterns into the night sky, which was a beautiful scene. Then, we headed back to the boat to celebrate all the way home. It was a great party of Fury crew present and past and I enjoyed spending time with Shon, Stephen, Krissy, and everyone! The couple soon to wed a month later, Charlie and Alex, were also there.

I didn’t attend Charlie and Alex’s wedding, but I’m enjoying seeing a few of the snapshots that are popping up online. They had a lavish affair at the Casa Marina. Thank you to Eli and Kenna for the pretty photo used in this post! Alex’s soon-to-be-sister-in-law Jill also had some nice pictures to look at. She’s engaged to Alex’s brother Dave who was one of the groomsmen, along with Justin, and other close friends.

I’m so happy for these two great guys that I’ve worked with for so many years. They’re creating beautiful, happy families. Congrats!

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