Man in winter wishing he was on vacation in Key West

Fury Fan Ron Loda shared this picture with us and said it’s time to come to Key West.

We heard there was something called a “polar vortex” that gripped the nation earlier this week. Actually, all 50 states including Florida hit below freezing temperatures. Of course, that freeze didn’t make it as far south as Key West. That’s the beauty of Key West in the dead of winter. When the rest of the nation is freezing, we might need to pull on a sweatshirt.

On Tuesday, we checked the current temps in Key West mid-morning and we had a colder than usual 55 degrees. Yes, we know this doesn’t come close to what the rest of the country was feeling, so we polled our Facebook fans to see how they were doing. We got reports of 30 below zero in Chicago, 27 below zero with the wind chill in Ohio and seven below in Long Island. All we can say is brrrrrrr! I’m not even sure what temperatures that low feel like.

If you’ve had it with the polar vortex and the winter chill, we’d like to invite you to visit us in Key West for a weekend getaway. The forecast for this weekend has temperatures in the high 70s and lots of sunshine. That’s pretty much the definition of paradise in January. We’d also like to make the prospect of a Key West vacation super simple, and that’s why we’ve created our Stay & Play packages.

Contact us to book accommodations and water sports at one great low rate. A two night stay for two adults plus snorkeling, parasailing or sunset sailing starts as low as $429. That’s a pretty great value with so much included. We can also tailor make these packages for multiple nights, larger parties and more water sports. Just let us know. We hope to see you in Key West this winter!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021