Fury Water Adventures donates a portion of every snorkeling trip to MOTE Marine Laboratory

Fury Water Adventures, as part of their ongoing commitment to support organizations that protect, preserve, and restore the Florida Keys’ marine ecosystem, has announced that they will donate a portion of each ticket sold from their snorkeling trips to MOTE Marine Laboratory. MOTE is a world leading non-profit marine research and science organization, currently working on coral reef restoration programs in the Florida Keys. Through its innovative reef restoration project, MOTE has created “coral farms and nurseries” where surviving indigenous Caribbean corals are fragmented and replicated, thus creating new corals to be re-planted on existing reefs where they once thrived.

“We are proud to be a part of MOTE’s coral reef renewal program. It’s amazing to see the direct positive impact this program has made and is continuing to make on regenerating our precious reef system,” says Scott Saunders, President of Fury Water Adventures.

Although Fury Water Adventures has recently announced this particular funding initiative, they have always dedicated themselves to the preservation and restoration of the fragile reefs and its ecosystems. For several years, Fury has given funding to MOTE and other organizations that work to keep our reefs and marine life thriving. “We have always taken our devotion to the reefs very seriously. We promote safe and responsible snorkeling by educating our crew and our guests, and have been working with the MOTE Marine Laboratory for years to ensure its survival. We all have the same goal – working towards a healthy future for our ocean and its inhabitants,” adds Saunders.

Jason Wolf, Protect Our Reefs Program Manager for MOTE says: “Our coral reefs are the foundation of health for our oceans as well as for our economy and life in the Keys. So much depends on healthy reefs and we’ve lost more than 90% of our indigenous coral coverage in the last 40 years and clearly that can’t continue if we want our oceans to survive. We’ve discovered new cutting edge ways to restore Florida’s reefs.” Also, Wolf says, “Scott Saunders and the entire Fury organization have been amazing partners in funding and supporting our coral reef restoration work for many years. This new donation program is an incredible gesture of generosity as well as Fury leading by example for what we consider to be a new age in environmentally positive conservation practices for businesses who use our marine resources.”


About MOTE Marine Laboratory

MOTE Marine Laboratory was founded in 1955 and is a leader in marine research. The independent, non-profit organization has seven centers throughout Florida. A large part of their mission is the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. For more information about MOTE Marine Laboratory visit www.mote.org/4reef.

About Fury Water Adventures

Fury Water Adventures has been providing an array of water sports and excursions to guests for more than twenty years. As the largest water sports company in South Florida, they are known for their state-of-the-art fleet of boats, experienced captains and crew and the superior quality of their trips including their day-long Ultimate Adventure, morning and afternoon snorkel trips, sunset cruises, parasailing, glass bottom boat trips and more. They also offer a variety of packages and special events throughout the year.

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