Fury girl sitting on a swing while reaching for the water with her handHave you ever picked up an issue of BarTab magazine at one of the bars or restaurants on Duval Street in Key West? You know, the small, square-shaped magazine with great tips on what’s going on in town that’s filled with snapshots of locals out and about. Well, (almost) every year, they put together a Swimsuit Issue featuring local girls.

Fury girl poses with the ocean in the backgroundLiving in Key West and working on the water, sporting a bikini is kinda my thing. And I’ve secretly wanted to be in BarTab’s Swimsuit Issue ever since I first saw it. Well, this year was my year! BarTab’s publisher Larry Bradley is a good friend of mine and every once in a while I’ll contribute a story to the magazine. I asked him nicely if I could be in the issue this year, and he said sure!

Fury girl jumps for a picture in the beach in Key WestNow, it’s one thing to work in a bikini on the boats all day and quite another to get gussied up and pose in front of a camera in one. I have to admit, it’s a little nerve-racking. Fortunately, we had an awesome team that made the whole process run smoothly. Nick Doll was behind the lens, Studio Marie-Pierre did the hair and makeup, and my orange and purple bikini was made custom by the talented Danielle Lyn Shepardson.

I shared my shoot with the totally hot Elin Andersson who works at Sunset Pier at the Ocean Key House. One of her pix made the cover. We spent the afternoon offshore at Snipes for the shoot.

There’s a total of six girls in the issue, so be sure to pick up a copy if you’re in town or check out BarTab magazine’s Facebook page for more!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Email her at shayne@furykeywest.com and follow the fun on Twitter @FuryKeyWest.

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