If adrenaline-pumping thrills are what you crave, you’re in luck! In Key West you set the pace for your adventure–and whatever thrills you, you can do it here. Escape the real world and enter one where sword swallowers and tightrope walkers perform spine tingling feats right before your eyes. Where you can spend the day exploring a remote island paradise sitting 70 miles out to sea, see the city from the top of a 65-foot lookout tower and learn how rum is made as you tour and taste at a local distillery. Pack your bags, head south and start checking off items on your Key West bucket list now with our Key West adventure guide.

3 Water-Based Thrills

Soar above the sea with the wind in your hair on a parasail, hop on a Jet Ski and make some waves or climb an inflatable tower and slide down a giant waterslide in a one-of-a-kind playground in the sea. In Key West, there’s activity and action to suit everyone’s thirst for fun!

key west adventure ultimate adventure

1. Fury’s Ultimate Adventure H2.0

Sun, sea and hours of non-stop action are what’s in store when you climb aboard Fury’s Ultimate Adventure H2.0. You’ll parasail, Jet Ski, hop on a banana boat ride, and climb, jump, splash and play in our water playground. It’s an action packed Key West adventure for thrill-seekers of every age.

fury key west jet ski tour

2. 90 Minute Jet Ski Tours

Rev up your engine and hit the water on one of Fury’s Guided Jet Ski tours. Nothing beats the excitement and energy of exploring the island on these top-of-the-line watercrafts. You’ll experience the most scenic views as you Jet Ski past some of the most beautiful spots in Key West–you may even spot some of our resident dolphins and sea turtles.

fury key west double dip snorkel trip

3. Fury’s Double Dip 2 Stop Snorkel Trip

Fury’s Double Dip Snorkel is built for the adventurer seeking double the fun in a quick amount of time! Discover the underwater marvels of two tropical reef locations as you snorkel through paradise. With Fury’s high-speed state-of-the-art catamaran, you’ll spend less time traveling and more time exploring the breathtaking world below sea-level.

Bucket List Locations to Visit

Next on our Key West adventure guide, life-changing experiences await you in Key West–from outdoor things to do to thrilling activities that you’ve wistfully dreamed about, the Southernmost city delivers in a big way. There are amazing places you can only see here and adventures that become life-long memories, some of the top bucket list locations you won’t want to miss are right here.

parasailing in key west with fury

1. View Key West from a Fury Parasail

There’s something magical about floating above the shimmering sea on a parasail–including take-your-breath-away views of the island and the invigorating feeling of ocean air as it blows across your cheeks. Fury’s Parasailing adventures are the perfect way to check flying off your Key West adventure bucket list.

key west dry tortugas national park

2. Dry Tortugas National Park

From the moment you arrive you’ll be awed by the natural beauty of Dry Tortugas National Park. One of only 5 national parks that are accessible only by boat or seaplane, this extraordinary destination is home to a pristine sandy beach, hundreds of migrant bird species, crystal waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling and Fort Jefferson, the largest brick masonry structure in the USA.

key west shipwreck museum view

3. See the island from the top of the Shipwreck Museum

Discover the history of the wreckage era–a period when Key West was the richest city per capita in the world. Climb up 65-feet to the top of the lookout tower where wreckers would watch for shipwrecks and alert the men waiting by calling out “wreck ashore” and see artifacts from centuries-old shipwrecks.

key west southernmost point

4. Southernmost Point

One of the coolest spots in the city and a definite Key West bucket list item is the Southernmost Point buoy. It’s one of the most photographed spots on the island, and a must do for your vacation pics.

key west duval street recognized for party and bars

Party on Duval Street

People from all over the world have heard of Duval Street–this main drag through historic old town is famous for its array of restaurants, clubs and shops. So it’s no wonder that partying here tops many traveler’s Key West bucket lists and adventure guides. From live music to delicious food, interesting locals and dive bars, there’s energy and excitement on Duval Street day and night.

sloppy joe’s bar storefront in key west

1. Sloppy Joe’s Bar

What began on December 5, 1933–the very day that Prohibition was repealed in the USA, became a local tradition and ultimately a world-famous destination. Your Key West vacation is not complete unless you’ve visited Sloppy Joe’s, a name that they say Ernest Hemingway, who was friends with the owner, came up with. Eat, drink and learn the intriguing history of this legendary local pub.

key west distillery

2. Rum Tasting

Not all rum is created equally and you’ll quickly discover that difference when you take a tour and taste the rum that’s made in Key West’s First Legal Rum Distillery. Here, you’ll not only learn the history of how rum is made, but have a chance to witness the process and taste the many different rums made with locally sourced flavors like key lime, coconut and others. They have rum flavored foods made onsite too!

dante's pool party in key west

3. Dante’s Pool Party

When a pool’s a bar and a bar’s a pool–you know you’ve arrived in one of Key West’s most popular party places. It’s always a party at this one-of-a-kind restaurant, tiki bar and swimming pool. Let your hair down, leave your worries at the door and dive in! Revelers rejoice as you sun, swim and sip tasty tropical cocktails and fresh seafood dishes.

sunset celebration in mallory square key west

4. Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square

Like no other place on the planet, in Key West the sunset is cause for celebration–daily! Get to Mallory Square early to be wowed by street performers, grab a mojito or margarita, a homemade conch fritter and even cool arts and crafts made by local artists. Then find a spot to witness the sun as it makes its dramatic departure off of the horizon as only a Key West sunset can do.

sunset in key west on fury commotion on the ocean trip

5. Commotion on the Ocean

For those who want to dance the night away to live music while simultaneously sailing into the fiery sunset, set your sights on Fury’s Commotion on the Ocean Live Music Sunset Sail. Eat, drink and party as some of the island’s best musicians perform under the starry skies.

New Food to Try

Vacation adventures should always include exciting new foods that you’ve never tried before and in Key West, there are plenty of options to tempt your tastebuds. Whether it’s a new cuisine or just a modern twist on an old favorite, you’re likely to discover a whole world of palatable eats on our Key West Adventure Guide. Eat like a native and don’t miss these local favorites!

fishermans cafe key west

1. Key West’s Best Grab & Go Menu (Fisherman’s Cafe)

Discovering the tropical flavors of Key West is a unique experience and nothing gives you the authentic taste of paradise more than Fisherman’s Cafe. This hidden gem is located by the historic seaport, making it a perfect place to stop by for a quick bite or grab a Cuban coffee, made with freshly ground coffee beans. 

key west conch fritters food spot

2. Conch Fritters (Mallory Square)

It’s not a rule, because it’s understood that when in Rome (or in this case, Key West) it’s important to taste the local cuisine. And nothing says Key West more than crispy, delicious conch fritters served up hot and fresh. It’s the Conch Republic after all. These decadent delicacies are made to order in Mallory Square and all over the island. Be prepared to fall in love!

key west conch seafood republic’s pink shrimp food

3. Key West Pink Shrimp & Royal Reds (Conch Republic Seafood Company)

Another delicacy caught just off the island’s shore, Key West Pink Shrimp are a must-eat experience! At the Conch Seafood Republic, located in the historic Key West Bight, you’ll find the Key West Pinks and the Royal Reds(bigger, even more succulent and kinda taste like lobster), the freshest, tastiest shrimp you’ve ever been lucky enough to devour!

key west cuban sandwich from el meson

4. Cuban Sandwich (El Mesón De Pepe)

Influenced by its Cuban and Caribbean heritage, Key West has some of the best island cuisine you’ll ever eat. At El Meson de Pepe, you’ll feel as if you’ve sailed that 90 miles to Cuba when you sink your teeth into their authentic Cuban sandwich. Sugar glazed ham, juicy roast pork, swiss cheese, pickles, mayo, mustard and tomatoes come together for the perfect symphony of flavor–in a delightful pressed sandwich that will transport you.

better than sex craft desserts in key west

5. Craft Desserts (Better Than Sex)

Glowing candlelight and privacy curtains in this intimate dining room set the stage for an incredible experience for you and your special someone or even just special friends. A dessert and drinks only restaurant, Better Than Sex serves up edible bliss with its scrumptious and sexy craft desserts like Caress My Carrot, Peanut Butter Perversion, Cookie Nookie Pie and many others.

moondog cafe in key west for brunch food

6. Moondog Cafe for Brunch

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Moondog Cafe brunch. Sit outside in their oasis-like patio, sip fresh hot coffee or a cool Bloody Mary and satisfy every single tastebud in your mouth with a breakfast taco (scrambled eggs, soft corn tortilla, queso fresco, chimichurri, pico de gallo, avocado & sour cream), a Feel Good Bowl featuring organic quinoa, sautéed red onions, pepper, kale, mushrooms, chickpeas, and more, a Caprese Croissant Benedict (grilled tomato, house pesto, fresh mozzarella, poached eggs on a homemade croissant) or any of their other wildly delicious specialties.

santiago's bodega in key west for tapas food

7. Santiago’s Bodega for Tapas

An elegant Key West eatery, Santiagos takes you away from the hustle of town and treats you to a rich, global dining experience. Small plates, or tapas, are made for sharing and savoring and are perfect with a glass of sangria. Cold tapas, including beef or salmon carpaccio, hot tapas including goat-cheese filled, prosciutto wrapped dates and shrimp and chorizo are just the beginning of an epic eating experience.

Discover the Unknown

Vacations are all about doing and seeing things you’ve never done or seen before–and Key West is all about the new, the unique and the out-of-this-world. Whether you’re looking for outdoor things to do, expanding your palate or discovering another more mysterious side of the Southernmost City, you’ll find it and more right here.

1. Jam packed day of adventure at Florida’s only state certified water park

Pump up the volume and take your adventure to the highest level with Fury’s most exciting tour yet! Built for thrill-seekers on the search for speed, Fury’s Ultimate Adventure H2.0 is the action-packed excursion you’ve been waiting for. Check off all your vacation bucket list goals with this all-inclusive day on the water. This incredible tour gives you access to Florida’s only state certified water park. Race through the splashtastic obstacle course on water that’s guaranteed to make you scream with joy!

ghost and gravestones key west haunted history

2. Hear about the Haunted History on a Ghost tour (Ghosts & Gravestones)

Do you believe in ghosts? If you’ve ever wondered where the spirits of the dead linger, climb aboard the Trolley of the Doomed and hear the haunted tales of Key West from your spookily costumed Ghost Host. Ghosts and Gravestones is the ultimate unearthly experience that will transport you throughout the city to the most haunted hotspots.

key west glass bottom boat outdoor tour

3. View the ocean from the only Glass Bottom Boat in Key West!

Discover the beautiful world living under the sea without ever getting wet! Marvel at the stunning array of tropical marine life in air-conditioned comfort aboard Fury’s Glass Bottom Boat. Take a peek through Fury’s windows to the sea and witness the wonder of North America’s only living coral reef.

key west dry tortugas sea plane trip

4. Fly on a Sea Plane out to the Dry Tortugas

As you fly on a sea plane to the Dry Tortugas high above the water, keep a watchful eye for sea turtles and dolphins who can be spotted happily living their best life in Key West. Although just about 35 minutes, the journey is breathtaking, the views are spectacular and the experience is unforgettable. And it’s just the beginning of a Key West adventure unlike any other.

key west coral reef snorkeling trip

5. Snorkel North America’s only living coral reef

There’s only one living coral reef in North America and it’s here in Key West. Snorkel this magnificent underwater world to discover many of the marine wildlife that make the reef their home. See things you’ve never seen before as you snorkel above the fragile coral and the diverse ecosystem that thrives beneath the sea.

sunset on key west fort zachary taylor state park

6. Explore Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

Where else can you stroll a sandy beach, snorkel, swim and explore a pre-Civil War fortress all in the same place? Fort Zachary Taylor State Park is just the place! Here you can see the National Historical Monument that houses the largest cache of Civil War armament in the world, get an up close look at cannons and gun ports and learn the fascinating history of this special place.

key west robert the doll

7. Visit Robert the Doll

Meet one of the island’s most famous residents–sort of. Robert the Doll has a sordid past, a bad reputation and an eerie presence that has spooked visitors for many years. Some who visit him in the East Martello Museum say they observed him move, others report strange things happening just after, and many folks swear his facial expression changed while they were looking at him. Key West’s most haunted person–Robert the Doll, has fans from all over the world who love to fear and revere him.

8. The Vandenberg / Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail

Just off the shores of Key West, an armada of sunken ships spans the ocean floor, coexisting peacefully with marine life, ready to be discovered and explored. The Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail beckons divers and wreck enthusiasts from all over the world with its numerous sunken ships–each with a fascinating past. The Gen. Hoyt S. Vandeberg is a massive ship that became the newest wreck in the trail (sunk in 2009) and divers of all levels and experience are discovering its undeniable allure. From the radar tower to the 7 mooring buoys, various swim throughs and much more to be explored, the Vandenberg wreck offers an extraordinary, underwater Key West adventure.

first flight restaurant key west eat of plane wing experience

9. First Flight Restaurant – Eat off a plane wing

The birthplace of Pan American Airlines, this historic spot is home to First Flight Restaurant, an original dining experience in the heart of downtown Key West. While you’re here, be sure to check out the Crash Bar, just off the main garden, where you’ll see a sea plane plunging through the ceiling, and you can enjoy a drink and your meal atop an aluminum plane wing.

Adventure awaits!

From the warm crystal waters to the powdery blue skies–there’s action and adventure at every turn in Key West. It’s a city rich with fascinating history, fabulous food and nightlife, intriguing attractions and a diverse array of outdoor things to do. Thrillseekers of every age and pace–this tiny island paradise is where your passions for epic fun come to life! Check out our Key West blog for even more adventures & things to do.

Last Updated 03/18/2024