Becky and Rob get engaged

The happy couple!

by Shayne Benowitz

It was a busy Wednesday morning when I walked into the Fury Surf Shack to check the numbers. The phones were ringing, boats needed to be set up, and customers were checking in. I noticed something sparkle out of the corner of my eye, and when I looked, Becky’s hand was outstretched flashing a shiny engagement ring while she answered a customer’s question on the phone. I only had time to smile and mouth, “CONGRATULATIONS!” before we both had to get back to work.

Becky showing off her gorgeous engagement ring

If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it!

I caught up with her later in the day and it turns out parasail/catamaran mate Mr. Rob Porter had popped the question the previous night! Becky was positively beaming, which she has been since the moment the two started dating back in August. I was so impressed with Rob’s proper courting of Becky that I dubbed him the “woo-master.”

Sure, there’s been plenty of inter-office romances at the Fury, but none that have resulted in an engagement. The gals were so thrilled for our Becky that we threw her an impromptu girl’s night engagement party to let her gush the story!

Becky's engagement party in Key West

The girls’ engagement party.

Eight of us gathered around a table at Blackfin with free flowing champagne, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. We ogled the ring, heard about the romantic proposal, and had a great time. It sounds like it will be a short engagement, too, since Becky’s looking at October to set a date! We’re all thrilled for Becky and Rob and wish them the best of luck in the future!

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