by Shayne Benowitz

The Key West and Caribbean Fury side by side at Ocean Key

The Key West and Caribbean Fury side by side at Ocean Key

This morning, when I arrived to the Ocean Key House to check in our customers for the Ultimate Adventure, my eyes did a double take. Docked in the marina was not one, but two Fury catamarans. I knew that the Caribbean Fury, our fourth catamaran had been in the final stages of completion over the last two weeks. I knew that Stephen, Chad, Zac, and Captain Chuck had sailed it from the boatyard in New Orleans where it was constructed to Key West this week, but this morning was the first time that I laid eyes on her.

Fury's brand new catamaran

Fury’s brand new catamaran

She’s a beautiful, sparkling vessel with all the specs that make Fury catamarans state-of-the-art. Her 65 foot hull is painted in Fury red, white, and blue and her wide forward deck is inviting. The sail flaked across the boom is crisp and neat, and the top deck looks perfect for sunbathing. She’s our brand-spanking-new catamaran and fourth in our fleet, right after the Key West Fury, the Pacific Fury, and the Atlantic Fury.

Our captains and crew can’t wait to take her out on her maiden voyage to the reef with a boatload of passengers. Captain Ames has been taking her on and off the dock in trial runs to get a feel for how she handles. Captain Bill is pleased with the smartly designed helm and engine rooms. This new boat will allow us to expand our occupancy for the extremely popular Ultimate Adventure, so book your trip now!

One of the great new features that separates the Caribbean Fury from our other catamarans is the flatscreen, waterproof, plasma monitors with GPS navigation. With these screens, we can track our journey to the reef in real-time and display interesting facts about Key West’s ocean eco-system. A trip with Fury has always been entertaining, and now with the design and technology of the Caribbean Fury it will be better than ever. We hope to see you aboard soon!

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