By Shayne Benowitz

In Key West, it’s always exciting when something new comes along. Living on a tiny island at the end of the road with endless summer weather, it’s easy for the days and even the seasons to blend together. Frankly, this post is overdue because a lot of new bars and Key West restaurants have opened up over the last year. Here’s a list of our favorite New Key West Restaurants in 2011:

Key West tourists having fun at a local bar

McFadden’s This spacious bar on Greene Street (formerly Guy Harvey’s) opened just in time for Spring Break to major fanfare with a huge party and bikini contest. It was a quick way to endear itself to the locals. Since then, we’ve been flocking for the cheap drinks and great live music. Rumor has it a gaggle of Fury ladies (and gentlemen) were dancing it up there ‘til the wee hours on a recent Saturday night.

Delicious pretzels from Key West Pretzel Co.

Key West Pretzel Co. Now that the Ultimate Adventure and Commotion on the Ocean are departing from the Historic Seaport at the end of Greene St, the crew has been raving about Key West Pretzel Company on Lazy Way Lane. I tried it for the first time this weekend and decided to order just about everything on the menu. The pretzel dog was a tasty indulgence smothered with a variety of mustards, ketchup, onions, and relish. As if that wasn’t enough, I ordered a cinnamon monster pretzel covered with glaze and walnuts. To wash it all down, a homemade frozen lemonade with fresh mint, of course!

Amigo's Mexican food plate with meat, black beans and tacos

Amigo’s When I’m in the mood for Mexican, the craving is acute. Lately, the Fury crew has been hitting up the new kid in town, Amigo’s. With their home-pressed, square-shaped corn tortilla tacos. Located across the street from Captain Tony’s and a variety of Key West Bars this place is always bustling. Lucky for us, it’s close to work and they deliver, too!

Tourists having a great night at The Porch in Key West

The Porch Some nights there’s nothing better than lounging on a breezy front porch with your best friends and a bottle of wine. When we’re not doing this at Nicole and Annabelle’s house, you can find us at the Porch on Caroline and Duval. This place walks the line between a relaxing night out and a raucous party with a great selection of wines and craft beer. It draws an eclectic crowd of the island’s locals, so you’re sure to run into someone you know and potentially meet someone new.

These are the tried and true new Fury hot spots. I’ve heard rave reviews about the newly opened Sweet Tea restaurant on Upper Duval serving affordable southern comfort food. I’m also anxious to try Fin, a Caribbean small plate concept restaurant from the boys who brought us Blackfin Bistro, one of my personal favorites. See ya around town!

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