Liam enjoying a piggy-back ride with his dad Stephen

Stephen & Liam.

This Sunday on Father’s Day, after I got off the phone with my own dad, I realized I had two more phone calls that I had to make. A couple of my closest Fury fellas became dads this year and it was time to wish them a Happy First Father’s Day!

The first call I made was to Stephen who became a daddy back in August when Liam Michael was born. Stephen and I have been the best of buds ever since he moved to Key West back in 2007. We worked on the catamarans together and would have way too much fun snorkeling and working behind the bar. We both transitioned to the parasail boats around the same time, too. Hanging out on our days off, we love going to see movies at the Tropic or ordering way too much food at restaurants around town. Now, I love hanging out with the whole family including his adorable fiance Krissy!

Stephen, his wife Krissy and his son Liam enjoy a pool day

Stephen, Krissy, & Liam at the pool.

It’s been amazing getting to know 10-month old Liam. He’s a handsome baby boy with a sweet temperament, an inquisitive nature, and an amazing smile. To me, he looks so much like both Krissy and Stephen. Krissy is amazing and they make a wonderful family unit. Stephen really hit the jackpot!

Captain Davey with his newborn daughter Iliana

Captain Davey with newborn Iliana.

My good friend Captain Davey was the next one I needed to wish a Happy Father’s Day. He became a daddy last month when Liana was born. I worked with Davey pretty much every day my first year on the parasail boats and we became really close. I remember the first time he brought his now-fiance Maia out on the boat. I liked her immediately! She’s a beauty and a very smart, strong girl. In a way, Davey inherited a daughter early on with Maia’s little Valentina. When Iliana was born, she had a full head of thick black hair. She looks just like her daddy!

Maia, Davey, Iliana, and Valentina aboard the Commotion on the Ocean in Key West

Maia, Davey, Iliana, and Valentina aboard the Commotion on the Ocean.

I’m so proud of these new Fury Dads. They’re great guys and I know they’re going to be great dads! It’s a really special thing to see them grow up and start families. Happy (belated) Father’s Day to all of our Fury Dads and everyone out there!

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