by Shayne Benowitz

Guests scaling the iceberg on the Ultimate Adventure where we now offer wetsuit rentals.

Guests scaling the iceberg on the Ultimate Adventure where we now offer wetsuit rentals.

The warm and salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico swirl and splash about Key West all year long. We are spoiled by some of the warmest water temperatures in the world down here. However, from the peak of summer heat in August to the dead of winter chill in February, the water temperature has a twenty degree variable. That’s pretty dramatic.

In January, the water temperature will continue to creep towards the chilliest it will be all year. It’s on a downward trajectory from the mid 70s to the lower 70s and sometimes dropping into the mid and upper 60s. Brrrr! Well, it’s still not cold enough for ice skating, but if you’re going to spend an hour snorkeling at the reef you might just get a little chill.

At Fury, we are offering an extra layer of comfort to our guests for the first time and we’re the only water adventures company on the island who’s doing it. Fury is offering wet suits rentals for the Ultimate Adventure to all of its guests. Do you absolutely need a wetsuit to enjoy your time in the water? No. But we do believe it will make your experience more enjoyable, not to mention how fly you’ll look in sleek neoprene! At Fury, we’re always looking out for you! When 95% of our mates don their own wetsuit when they hit the reef, we thought it was time to offer the same level of comfort to our guests.

Don’t let chillier water temps deter you from an awesome day on the water. Bring a towel, your SPF, and a sweatshirt. The wetsuit’s on us!

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Last Updated 11/25/2022