by Shayne Benowitz

Nicole, Ashley, Becky, & Shayne at the party.

Nicole, Ashley, Becky, & Shayne at the party.

The semi-annual Fury Party has become an event that the crew looks forward to a couple of times a year. Generously hosted by our owner Scott Saunders, our summer party took place at downtown nightlife and restaurant hotspot, Martin’s, this weekend. Everyone was buzzing with anticipation as the party approached. Are you going? What are you wearing? Who are you taking? were amongst the questions along the docks.

When I arrived, the crew was mingling in the chic patio lounge, seated at white banquettes or chatting by the bar. Everyone was upbeat and dressed up. We’re so used to seeing each other day after day in our red shorts and Fury shirts that it’s fun to see everyone looking so clean and pretty! The little black dress dominated the night as worn by Ashley, Becky, and Courtney. Long summer dresses were also a trend with Nicole and Leah in ocean blue and Kenna rocking sunshine yellow. I opted for a one-shoulder, Grecian-style purple dress with gladiator sandals. The men looked handsome, too, many sporting dress shirts with jeans or slacks, and some going ultra formal with the addition of a tie.

Martin’s hors d’oeuvres were absolutely delicious with bite-sized rack of lamb, prosciutto with gherkins atop sliced baguette, phyllo dough wrapped asparagus, and skewered roasted vegetables amongst the offerings. Of course, the open bar stayed busy all night with everyone sipping on their favorite cocktails. As the night drew on, the music from the DJ booth grew livelier. Soon enough, the dance floor was packed. At one point, we were even dancing in the rain during a brief shower. No one seemed to care and the party raged on!

After every great Fury Party is the after party, and we paraded down Duval Street on our way to shake it a little longer at Mango’s Upstairs. Thank you to Scott and everyone! We appreciate the way you appreciate us!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer working on her debut novel. For more travel stories and a daily dose of what’s cool around the globe visit her Wanderlust Website at

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